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Waterloo Regional Kart Club May 28 Race Report

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Waterloo Regional Kart Club May 28 Race Report

The WRKC held their second race day of the year on Saturday May 28. After a couple of weeks off the club’s racers were anxious to get back on the track. Although the season is just starting it is clear there is going to be a lot of great racing action in every class. The Sr. Medium class has been very exciting to watch this year. With more than 25 karts each week they put on a very impressive show.

The club welcomes spectators to all our race days, visit our website at for information on how you can come out and watch or better yet get involved as a volunteer or racer.

The race day sponsor was Rankin’s Septic Tank Pumping and Environmental Services. They have looked after the needs of their clients of the town of Flamborough in the City of Hamilton and throughout the Halton region for over 40 years. They are a family owned and operated business now in its third generation, continuing to serve our clients promptly, efficiently, and to the best of our ability. They specialize in maintaining residential septic systems in an environmentally friendly manner.

Here are our top 5 from each class.

1. Nolan Hofrichter
2. Ty Riopelle
3. Tenley Jackson
4. Aiden Fuller-Hoodnley
5. Dylan Elliott

1. Ethan Donkers
2. Cole Quinton
3. Joey Woolsey
4. Martie Fletcher
5. Payton Gibson

Jr Light
1. Tyson Wassink
2. Keidon Fletche
3. Zachary Allison
4. Christian Alger
5. Nathan Alger

Jr Heavy
1. Max Wright
2. Ciarra Collison
3. Madison Colling
4. Peter Ditner
5. Jaden Baillargeon

Sr Medium
1. Adam Racine
2. Darren Dryden
3. David Miller
4. Jarred Gill
5. TJ Marshall

1. Adrian Donkers
2. Andrew Grinyer
3. Dave Mordue
4. Gerry Reis
5. Trevor McDonald

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