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Waterloo Regional Kart Club 2015 Final Race Day Report

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Waterloo Regional Kart Club 2015 Final Race Day Report

Waterloo Regional Kart Club finished their 2015 club racing season out this past Saturday. With championships on the line, it was sure to provide for some exciting racing and these young racers didn’t fail to put on a show. For some classes, it came down to the last race of the day to decide the Championships and it was exciting for all that got the opportunity to watch.

The Cadet class was up first and the final race was completed with our rookie, George Grousul topping the charts with Ethan DeMenna close behind. Ethan Dignman, Jordan Ramsbottom and Scotty Watkins rounded off the podium.

Jr Heavy was next up with the final being cut short due to a flip of Peter Ditner who was able to walk away, but it would be Austin Bisschop who drove away with the win followed by Ciarra Collison, Jaden Baillargeon, Noah Pesant, and Nicholas Babineau to round out the top five.

Novice had some exciting racing with the top five nose to tail from the drop of the green to the wave of the checkered flag. Grace Baillargeon held off the field to finish off first, with brothers Christian Alger and Nathan Alger right behind, and Zachary Allison and Connor Pritiko standing on the podium.

Sr Medium was the class to watch, with the top four drivers fighting for the 2015 Championship. The last race of the season would provide not only some intense racing, but would also crown the champion. Jared Gill would manage to squeeze by Brandon Hauck with a few laps to go, and hold on for the win, with Ryan Brutzki, Dominque Smith and David Miller finishing off on the podium.

The Masters class never ceases to amaze everyone with their driving talents! Brian Wilkinson would speed away from Scott Ellwood to claim the victory. Dave Mordue, Gerry Reis and Rich Mizener would round out the top five for the final race of the Masters season.

Jr Lite class ran the last race of the 2015 WRKC season and it would come down to the last race winner to decide the championship. It provided for some great racing as Tyson Wassink would take the win and Max Wright followed close behind. A last lap altercation allowed Josh Bisschop to finish third and Madison Colling and Liam Rhodes to finish off the podium.

WRKC Class Champions will be awarded their well-deserved hardware at the upcoming WRKC Banquet, November 14, 2015. Although Waterloo Regional Karting Club Season has come to an end, we still have Oktoberfest Grand Prix, winner takes all!

WRKC has had a fantastic season, and the board of directors are already looking towards next year. If you are interested in helping out, and want to get involved, please let the Club President, Mr. Todd Alger at @

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