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Video Marshalling System Helping Officiating Crew in Mont-Tremblant

Christian Parent is keeping a close watch on this weekends action. (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Video Marshalling System Helping Officiating Crew in Mont-Tremblant

The ASN Canada FIA officials are keeping an even closer eye on the action this weekend at the ASN Open Canadian Karting Championships courtesy of a new video marshalling system. With the help of MaxSpeed Entertainment, owners of the system, there are a number of cameras around the Jim Russell Karting Academy circuit to help confirm calls from the on-track officials. The system allows close-up and slow-motion reviews with high resolution camera data.

The lead marshall in control of the system this weekend is Christian Parent, who has utilized the system at all of the MaxSpeed Entertainment races this year.

“As most of us watch the race and follow our favorite drivers, the marshals need to follow all drivers at an incredible fast pace as it is very hard to see every little details and incidents,” explains Parent. “The Max One camera system is designed to pick up almost all incidents at a very hi-resolution from many different angles, therefore making it much easier to make the right calls.”

The system is also very beneficial for race starts where the action sometimes starts behind the actual accidents, making it nearly impossible to pinpoint by human eye.

Parent continues, “the camera system gives the video steward the chance to go back and see the whole picture from many angles. They can see what led to the incident, frame by frame, zooming in on the incident and get the right kart number and get a close look at the incident frame by frame. It also helps for the start as the image can be paused as soon as the starter moves his wrist. The video steward can then look for kart out of the tram lines, if the pole sitter crosses the acceleration line first, the karts in line that are pushing from the back and early acceleration.”

Action continues at the Canadian Karting Championships on Saturday with two more rounds of heat races for all categories, helping set the grid for Sundays Championship Finals.


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