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Victory for Francis Mondou in Rotax DD2 Masters

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Victory for Francis Mondou in Rotax DD2 Masters

Dany St-Hilaire (PSL/CRG) had a great start in the DD2 Masters Final and was poised to get his first ever National title. He was followed by Etienne LaSalle (PSL-KCR/CRG) and Michel Legrand (CRG) at the start with off-pole starter Francis Mondou (SH Racing/FA Kart) falling to fourth. Mondou was able to get by both LeGrand and LeSalle to regain second place but was far from St. Hilaire in the lead.

However, just when everyone thought the race was over, disaster struck for St-Hilaire as his kart stalled on the track, handing the lead to Mondou. St-Hilaire was able to resume and he returned to the track at the tail of the field, but his title chances were over after such a promising start.

Further behind, ECKC points leader Paul Carvalho (CRG) drove a great race coming from mid-pack all the way to second place and at one point he was catching Mondou in the lead.

But in end, Mondou continued to pull away eliminating Carvalho’s chance for victory. Marting Verville (PSL Karting/CRG) finished the race in third ahead after have a great battle with John Cariati (Goodwood/Intrepid) and Laurent Boivin (PSL Karting/CRG).

St-Hilaire was able to rebound and finish sixth while defending champion Stuart Clark finished a disappointing ninth after battling engine issues in the final.

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Francis Moudou returns to Team Canada for the Rotax Grand Finals in Valencia, Spain (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

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