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Tyler McCullough Wins his Second National Championship in Briggs & Stratton Junior

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Tyler McCullough Wins his Second National Championship in Briggs & Stratton Junior

First up on the day’s schedule of National Championship Finals was the Briggs & Stratton Junior category featuring 33 drivers. The paddock was buzzing to get the Finals underway and following pre-race ceremonies and pace car laps by the Pfaff Porsche the green flag flew.

Zachary Latimer (K&K Kart) got the hole shot followed by Tyler McCullough (Intrepid) and Andre Fiorini (K&K Kart). The pole sitter, Zachary Vanier (BirelART), opted for the the outside line at the start of the race but fell to fifth going up the hill.

Almost immediately Latimer and McCullough were able to break away with McCullough continuously pushing the leader to ensure no other drivers would join the race for the lead, leaving the rest of the pack to battle for the third and final step of the National podium.

With three laps to go McCullough snuck by Latimer on the inside of turn one and while Latimer tried to regain the lead all the way to the checkered flag, McCullough managed to keep him behind. With a fist pump at the finish line, McCullough earned himself his second Canadian National Championship in three years. In the exciting race for third, Vanier ended up flipping over the back of Tanner Hamilton (Intrepid) and Gianluca Savaglio (Intrepid) on the final lap while battling for third. This allowed Austin Bisshop (BirelART) to slide through and complete the podium. Hamilton recovered to take fourth with Andre Fiorini coming home in fifth.

Khloe Drummond (Intrepid), Mackenzie Clark (Maranello), Braxton Terry (K&K Kart), William Chayer (K&K Kart) and Joshua Conquer (TonyKart) completed the top ten with Conquer passing an impressive 23 karts in the Final after starting from the rear.

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