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Tristan Crisan and Maxwell Finish 1-2 to Join Team Canada in Micro/Mini Final


Tristan Crisan and Maxwell Finish 1-2 to Join Team Canada in Micro/Mini Final

A great race in the Rotax Micro/Mini Max Final at the Canadian ended with two drivers earning an invitation to join Team Canada for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals.

Throughout the weekend, four karts were battling it out at the front for the overall will and when the Final started, a fifth driver added their name into contention.

Sprinting from fifth on the grid to the lead exiting the first corner, Aixin Coco Chi (PDB) surprised many with a great move up the inside of the first corner.

Unfortunately for Chi, the lead lasted only one lap as Ryan Maxwell (Energy Kart), Lucas Deslongchamps (BirelART) and Ilie Tristan Crisan (CRG) found their way by on lap two. Deslongchamps had contact while working his way by and appeared to push his front bumper back.

Maxwell led the way until lap six when Deslongchamps worked his way into the lead and Tristan Crisan followed him through to gain second. At the same time, Jensen Burnett (Energy Kart) had recovered from a bad start that saw him fall back to seventh on the opening lap, to close in on the top-four.

Deslongchamps was able to open a small gap from there with Tristan Crisan having to work hard to fend off Maxwell and Burnett. The pressure was on, but Maxwell wasn’t able to race his way by. Burnett also did his best to pass his Energy Kart teammate, even having a peek up the inside on the back straight of the final lap, but it was to no avail.

Deslongchamps made it to the finish line first, but from the contact earlier in the race, he was issued a 3-position penalty for activating his pushback bumper.

Tristan Crisan held off Maxwell and Burnett to then take the race win.

Crisan will represent Team Canada in the Micro-Max category while Maxwell will race in Mini Max at the upcoming Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Portugal.

Race Results: Canadian Open Rotax Micro/Mini Max Final

  1. Ilie Tristan Crisan
  2. Ryan Maxwell
  3. Jensen Burnett
  4. Lucas Deslongchamps
  5. Aixin Coco Chi
  6. Alexander Chartier
  7. Gabriel Balog
  8. Samuel Spurling
  9. Brando Londono
  10. Alexis Baillargeon
  11. Nikolas Tran
  12. Edward Kennedy
  13. Louis Thomas Pelletier

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