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Treadwell Takes Clean Sweep at KartStars Goodwood


Treadwell Takes Clean Sweep at KartStars Goodwood

Competing in his second and third races in the last four days, Jonathon Treadwell (BirelART) has an average finish of 1.3 after sweeping both the Briggs Senior and KartStars Senior divisions at the opening round of the KartStars Canada Championship at Goodwood Kartways. It was a stamp of redemption after missing out on victory at the MIKA Canada Day Cup on Thursday by only 0.02 seconds and a near photo finish.

Saturday’s Briggs Senior race was a showdown between Treadwell, Nicky Palladino, (TonyKart) and Brennan Taylor (Awesome Kart) as the first couple of laps knocked front row starter Marc Stehle (Ricciardo Kart) and heat race winner Zach Boam (BirelART) off of the lead draft.

The field of 27 was hungry as they navigated the Goodwood circuit, with action around every corner.

Treadwell remained in control of the race for the duration with Palladino staying right on the leader’s rear bumper, but remained content on waiting until the final laps. However, Taylor attacked Palladino for second on the final lap and this allowed Treadwell to open up enough of a gap that a defensive line wasn’t required and he was able to smoothly roll to the finish line to score his first victory of the season.

Palladino was able to recover the position and finish second ahead of Taylor, while Boam and Stehle worked their way by Anthony Boscia (BirelART) to round out the top-five.

KartStars Canada Round 1 Briggs Senior Final Results

  1. Jon Treadwell
  2. Nicky Palladino
  3. Brennan Taylor
  4. Zach Boam *fl
  5. Marc Stehle
  6. Anthony Boscia
  7. Javier Ruiz
  8. Ryan Brutzki
  9. Kevin May
  10. Jarvis Noon
  11. Chad Webster
  12. Ethan Waters
  13. Peter Guatto
  14. Jelena Latkovic
  15. Adrian Koniarz
  16. Alex Chong
  17. Tommy Latkovic
  18. Daniel Rampino
  19. Samuya Patel
  20. Anthony Frattaroli
  21. Cameron Forsythe
  22. Abigail Collins
  23. Pratyush Dave
  24. Joe Hrelja
  25. Owen Knowles
  26. Kailyn Frier
  27. Levon Beaudin

On Sunday, the group of Seniors merged with a number of Masters and a few late arrivals to race again in KartStars Senior. Combined, 20 racers went to battle and it was a familiar group upfront.

Treadwell and Stehle qualified 1-2 and controlled the heat races, while Zach Boam scored the win in the PreFinal to line up on the pole position.

Once again it would be a three-kart race for the lead and the win as Boam took the early lead ahead of Stehle and Treadwell, who did everything he could to not lose too many positions on the opening lap after starting on the outside.

Stehle didn’t wait long to get into the lead and Treadwell followed him through. Boam didn’t want the pair together for too long and the swapping of positions up front went on nearly every lap. Treadwell jumped back into the lead with two laps to go and while Stehle put the pressure on him for the final lap, a pass never happened and Treadwell made it two-for-two on the weekend. Stehle and Boam joined him on the podium, while Jake Cowden (Awesome Kart) had a nice drive to take fourth after showing up Sunday morning. Taylor scored his second top-five of the weekend in fifth, while Eli Yanko (TonyKart) was the highest finishing Masters driver in seventh.

KartStars Canada Round 1 KartStars Senior Final Results

  1. Jon Tradwell
  2. Marc Stehle
  3. Zach Boam *fl
  4. Jake Cowden
  5. Brennan Taylor
  6. Chad Webster
  7. Eli Yanko
  8. Javier Ruiz
  9. Alex Murphy
  10. Ryan Brutzki
  11. Levon Beaudin
  12. Kevin May
  13. Jelena Latkovic
  14. Anthony Boscia
  15. Daniel Demaras
  16. Alex Chong
  17. Owen Knowles
  18. Saumya Patel
  19. Pier Paolo Petrucci
  20. Matt Cameron

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