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Treadwell Scores Third Briggs Senior Canadian Title in Four Years

Photos by: Cody Schindel / CKN

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Treadwell Scores Third Briggs Senior Canadian Title in Four Years

In an epic showdown between two of the best Briggs & Stratton 206 drivers in Canada, Jon Treadwell came out on top and secured his third ASN Canadian Karting Championship in the last four years, all of them at Mosport Kartways.

After the first start was halted for a rogue go-kart, spinning with its throttle stuck wide open after a crash in turn six, the race resumed with a full restart on lap two.

The pack of thirty made it through turns one and two nicely, but bottle-necked in turn three and collected two of the fastest drivers of the weekend. Gavin Sanders (REM/Kosmic) bounced up on top of Jordan Prior (Prime/BirelART) and two went off through the grass towards turn four, stuck together before coming to a stop.

Treadwell (VRS/Intrepid) led Marco Signoretti (Energy Corse/Energy Kart) down the hill with a small gap to Alex Da Silva (Energy Corse/Energy Kart) and Pearce Herder (Karts & Parts/Awesome Kart) along with the rest of the pack.

Da Silva and Herder caught back up to the led duo and on lap four Signoretti went for the lead in corner five with a push from his teammate. Signoretti emerged with the lead, but Da Silva couldn’t follow him through, leading to a drag race up the hill for second. Treadwell retained the position while Herder and Da Silva tangled in corner six as Da Silva lost a wheel. That was enough to allow the lead two to get away.

Treadwell tucked in behind Signoretti from there and the two pulled away from the pack with blistering fast lap times. The two drivers, who have claimed a majority of the wins over the past few seasons in Ontario, were setting up mono-a-mono fight for the title.

It all came down to the final lap with Signoretti still in the lead. He defended perfectly through the corners one, two and three. Dipping to the inside exiting turn four he forced Treadwell to try and pass on the outside of turn five. Wheel-to-wheel through the corner, Signoretti gained the advantage on exit and had the preferred line back up the hill to six. Treadwell again swung wide entering the corner and had a huge run as the two entered the bowl section. Bumping the leader just enough to get him loose, Treadwell opened up a lane and he took it to gain the lead exiting turn eight. Defending into the final complex, Signoretti found no room to make a pass and exiting the final corner, Treadwell emerged as the winner of a superb race.

Stefano Lucente (AI/Ricciardo Kart) overtook Herder and Zachary Vanier (VRS/BirelART) on the final lap to stand on the podium, a bittersweet recovery for the rookie Senior driver who last year won the Junior Briggs Canadian Championship Final, only to be excluded in technical inspection.

A very emotional Treadwell stood proudly on the top of the podium with his baby daughter in his hands and after race explained the significance of not only this Canadian Championship but his previous two as well.

“Each championship has been very emotional for me and each year has had a different family significance to me. My first title was shortly after my grandfather was diagnosed with ALS and it meant the world to me and my dad. Last year I won was after the birth of my first child and now this one, on the eve of getting married to the love of my life and the confirmation that we have our second child on the way. All of these moments mean so much in my life and to be successful on the track during these times just elevates the emotion that goes with winning a big race.”

We also asked Treadwell about Mosport Kartways, the track that he has won all three of his Canadian titles on.

“As for Mosport, it allows drivers to be creative, with plenty of places to pass and a big track to race on. It also means many drivers can be really fast and the racing really close, which is the biggest challenge to not only getting up front but staying up front. I love the challenges it presents and I think that’s what allows me to be at my best.”

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