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TRAK 200 Lap Attrition Fest Enduro – This Saturday October 19

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TRAK 200 Lap Attrition Fest Enduro – This Saturday October 19

13-06-13-TRAKThis weekend, the Toronto Racing Association for Karters is hosting their annual 200-lap Attrition-Fest enduro at Goodwood Kartways. The event will be run on Long Track configuration, in reverse with the Chicane and will push drivers to their limits.

Already there have been a handful of teams registered, with current racers and racing studs preparing for the event. Goodwood’s owners Daniel and Marco Di Leo have been confirmed to race, on separate teams of course and it looks like it will be a blast!

  • Friday Practice: 10AM – 7PM


  • 2:00pm – Registration Open’s
  • 3:00pm – Registration Close’s
  • 3:00pm – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting
  • 3:15pm – 4- CYCLE JR/4-CYCLE SR/4-CYCLE MASTERS – 30 Minute Practice Session (HOT PIT OPEN)
  • 7:00pm – Podium Presentation

TRAK 200 lap Attrition Fest Enduro – Rules

  • 200-lap race. Maximum four drivers per team
  • All club rules apply unless other wise stated below.
  • Both Honda and Briggs engines are eligible. Each engine must follow ASN regulations
  • Two mandatory five minute pit stops. Pit window instructions will be explained in depth at the mandatory drivers meeting.
  • During pit stop the driver and a maximum of one mechanic may change anything and everything as they see fit unless otherwise stated below. Any part/engine/tire changed during a pit stop will be subject to technical inspection at the end of the race
  • Kart must always meet minimum weight prior to entering the track with any driver
  • Spec tire rules apply. New tires allowed only at the start of the race. Team may swap tires at any point of the race provided that they meet the spec tire rules and that the second set of tires are used.
  • Entry fees:
    • Single person team: $100 ; Two person team: $150
    • Three person team: $180 ; Four person team: $200

Some of the teams confirmed are:

  • D. DiLeo/M.Mungy
  • M.DiLeo/S.Ditta
  • K.Monteith/H.Goulbourne
  • T.Gates/J.McArthur/C.Cullum
  • J.Oswald/J.Conte/L.Conte
  • D.Timmers/C.Fox
  • M.Signoretti/T.Kashak
  • B.Cruttenden/P.Boyle
  • R.MacDermid/L.Ortleib
  • R.Boyle/V.Barry
  • T.McCullough/M.Barry/T.Poles
  • B.Schutte/A.Riley/M.Currie
  • J.Cariati/A.Mankovski
  • T.Rapani/G.Rapani
  • Karts & Parts Junior Team
  • Karts & Parts Senior Team

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