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Track Map Revealed for Florida Winter Tour Round #1 at Hard Rock Stadium!


Track Map Revealed for Florida Winter Tour Round #1 at Hard Rock Stadium!

For those Rok Cup and Briggs 206 racers anxiously awaiting the first round of the Florida Winter Tour, we’ve finally received the track map for race one, being held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

It took us a few minutes to realize why it seemed familiar until it dawned on us, it has a familiar configuration to South Garda Karting in Italy, the host of the annual Rok Cup International Final.

The countdown is on, as, in only one weeks time, racers will get to try their hand on the temporary circuit at the home of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins.

In case you missed it, Rok Cup USA confirmed that all of their races in 2019 will utilize the push back bumper system.

Here is the official memo from Rok Cup USA:

Taking effect in the 2019 season, ROK Cup Promotions will utilize the push back bumper initiative in all series programs. Beginning at the 2019 Florida Winter Tour and progressing through all ROK Cup Promotions programs in the United States in 2019, the push back rule will be implemented for all classes but the Shifter/Briggs divisions to help streamline the industry in the efforts to clean up racing.

“We tested the push back bumper at the 2018 Florida Winter Tour and recorded all of our findings,” explains Garett Potter, ROK Cup Promotions Director of Operations. “We learned a lot from our research. What we found is implementing is the easy part, while making sure the rule is policed properly is the hard part. Although our program has not had the issues some others have with rough driving, we understand it is now the world standard and it makes sense for us to have this rule in place with the start of a new racing season on the horizon.”

Beginning January 1, all ROK Cup Promotions events will be required to utilize the pushback bumper for all classes except Shifter/Briggs divisions.

Push Back Bumper Regulation (.pdf)

For more information on the Florida Winter Tour, ROK Cup USA, and ROK Cup Promotions, please feel free to contact ROK CUP USA at (407) 476-5635 or

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