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Timmers Leads Every Lap of Briggs Masters Final


Timmers Leads Every Lap of Briggs Masters Final

Out of retirement and back in the race seat, 2017 Canadian Karting Champion Darryl Timmers (CL Kart) led every lap of the Briggs Masters Final to take the crown in the CKN Dash for Cash at Canadian Mini Indy.

From the drop of the green flag, Timmers and Marc Stehle (Ricciardo Kart), another former Canadian Karting Champion, broke free from the pack, pulling away quickly as those in pursuit fought for third place.

Stehle stuck on the bumper of Timmers and every time the race leader had a peek to see where his competitor was, Stehle would show just enough of his nosecone to show his presence.

Waiting until the end to make a move, Stehle seemed content to sit in second all race long. However, his opportunity never arose as a small mistake with three laps to go opened up a two kart length gap to Timmers and Stehle was never able to close it and get close enough to make a pass.

Timmers was perfect on those final three laps to ensure Stehle couldn’t get close enough and he was ecstatic at the finish line celebrating his race win.

Third went to Zach Boam (BirelART). He was the only driver who had the pace to keep up with the race leaders, but he was caught up in an early race battle and wasn’t able to stay with the leaders when he finally settled into third place.

Stephen Goebel (CL Kart) wound up fourth, just ahead of Eli Yanko (TonyKart) at the finish line.

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Race Result: CKN Dash for Cash Briggs Masters Final

  1. Darryl Timmers
  2. Marc Stehle +0.237
  3. Zach Boam +4.995
  4. Stephen Goebel +10.797
  5. Eli Yanko +11.729
  6. Levon Beaudin
  7. Andres Lopez
  8. David Miller
  9. Max Haverkate
  10. Jeremy Chatterson
  11. Rich Folino

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