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Thomas Nepveu and Alexandre Legare put on clinics in Friday’s Micro and Mini Max Heats

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Thomas Nepveu and Alexandre Legare put on clinics in Friday’s Micro and Mini Max Heats

Following an excellent day of SuperPole Qualifying, the action resumed on Friday in Mont-Tremblant with the first two rounds of heat races for all classes participating in the 2014 ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships in Quebec.

With karts going wheel to wheel for the first time this week, it was an excitement filled day of action with an excellent preview of what is to come throughout the rest of the weekend.

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Micro Max

Heat 1
Thomas Nepveu (SH Racing/FA Kart) was dominant the first Micro Max heat by driving away to a near straightaway lead over his competitors. The battle for second was a close fight between Jeremy Tallon (KMS/Birel), Gianluca Savaglio (Goodwood/Intrepid), Justin Arseneau (PSL/CRG), William Michaud (PSL/CRG) and Patrick Woods-Toth (PSL Montreal/CRG). The five drivers battled throughout the race trading positions every lap creating a good show for the crowd in the stands. Once the checkered flag flew Tallon won take the battle for second ahead of Arseneau, Savaglio, and Woods-Toth completing the top-five.

Heat 2
Nepveu had a much more difficult start to heat two as he would be pressured by both Tallon and Savaglio early in the race. Tallon passed for the lead going into the turn three hairpin allowing Savaglio to get by the pole sitter as well on lap one. The next time going into three Savaglio would get his shot to lead the race as he would make a pass on Tallon. The battle for first would go on until lap six when Nepveu was able to retake a lead and make a clean break away and a dual for the second position between Tallon and Savaglio. Tallon held the position for a good portion of the race but Savaglio’s patience helped him pass the KMS pilot in the late stages of the race to finish second. Arseneau was the fourth to cross the line ahead of Woods-Toth.

Mini Max


Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN

Heat 1
Like Micro Max, the Mini-Max Category was dominated by one driver on Friday. In the first heat Alexandre Legare (PSL/CRG) would be uncontested by the TonyKart trio of d’Orlando brothers Nicholas and Michael as well as Ryan Macdermid. Macdermid was in second for the early part of the race but was not able to keep up his pace as Michael and Nicholas d’Orlando both got by. On the final lap Macdermid would also lose out to Xavier Harris (Goodwood/Intrepid) for fourth.

Heat 2
Heat two was no different to the first heat as Legare would pull away to take his second heat win ahead of the d’Orlando Brothers, with Michael finishing second again ahead of Nicholas. Fourth and fifth positions went to Stephano Lucente (Karts & Parts/LH Kart) and William Chayer (KMS/Birel) as contact in the start of the heat forced out Harris and Macdermid.

Full Results and points standing** can be found on our competitions page.

**Our points standings do not factor in the qualifying points.

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