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The Spacer Module #1 : Introduction to Karting Seminar Announced


The Spacer Module #1 : Introduction to Karting Seminar Announced

PR by: The Spacer

The Spacer Module 1 is a Karting Seminar which caters to the beginner karting family trying to get started in the sport. We know karting can be very over whelming at first, from buying the parts, a trailer and the right tools maintaining and fixing your kart. You can really get caught up spending money in places not needed for your first years of karting. Let us help you plan how to get through a day at the track without a million things going wrong.

Subjects touched on:
• Tooling
• The Trailer or Transport Unit
• Systems of the Kart (ie: The Chassis, Seat, Tires and Wheels, Axle Assembly Dis-assembly and Front End Assembly
• At the Track (ie. Checklist, Data, Observation Strategies, Data Collection Methods and an Introduction to the Motor.

This is the only karting based school like it in Ontario! The unique thing about The Spacer is that we have created a curriculum that is based around a text book, which is a $89.99 value, that the students go home with. We have created a textbook that when you are done reading it, you will arrive to the track with more confidence and a plan for the day. This will alleviate the stress of just showing up and running around the track having tons of failures that could have easily been prevented with some simple maintenance. So don’t miss out. Come to The Spacer Module 1: Introduction to Karting and leave there knowing you will have more confidence heading to the track. If you would like to volunteer your kart as the prop we work on at the module, please contact us at the info below. The cost of the module is $100 per person but right now the first 5 customers get to bring their driver for free. This is usually a an added cost.

The Module will be taken place at 401 Mini Indy, 37 Stoffel Dr, Toronto, ON on Wednesday April 23 and Thursday April 24, 2014 from 6-9pm. Please Contact Call: 905.758.1626 for more info.


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