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Team PSL Karting Inching Closer to Industry Altering Decision

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Team PSL Karting Inching Closer to Industry Altering Decision

Just how big is the upcoming decision from Team PSL Karting regarding the future of their racing program and chassis brand association? Well it is big enough to have drivers, teams, industry experts and just about anyone with an interest in professional kart racing talking about it for more than a couple of weeks.

From Arizona to Florida to Canada, everyone has been chatting about it and guessing where PSL will take their business since the announcement in late December of the K1 Group and CRG USA taking over the North American racing operations for the CRG brand, terminating an 18 year relationship between PSL and CRG that included PSL being the annual number one CRG global distributor four times.

There has been no shortage of rumours, with most popular being that PSL will collaborate with chassis brands Praga, BirelART and OTK, but in our discussions today with Team PSL members, no decision has been made yet, although the time is coming soon.

Evaluating all of their options and ultimately making the best decision for their business, PSL isn’t rushing into a partnership with anyone and that is why they have arrived in Homestead, Florida for the opening round of the Florida Winter Tour with their current stock of inventory and a custom made PSL sticker kit promoting their own brand and not the one of the chassis they are racing.

So how big is this decision? It is industry shaking.

Wherever PSL Karting goes, we will see a huge impact for that chassis brand. PSL Karting is a household name in karting and with that comes a massive movement of chassis each year, winning huge races and elevating the exposure of that brand. Quite possibly the most active team annually attending events across North America, with drivers joining their team from around the world, they are a massive operation and will change the future for any of the chassis brands that have been knocking on their doors since the CRG announcement.

But the kicker. Whatever route they go, it could very well force another high profile race team to start searching for another chassis brand.

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