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Surprise Winner in Briggs Junior Lite as Lindgren Takes First National Title

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Surprise Winner in Briggs Junior Lite as Lindgren Takes First National Title

There was a new face on the top of the podium this weekend in Briggs Junior Lite as Junior Lindgren scored the National Championship victory at his home track.

It was a wild race that featured all of the major race winners from this season as the Briggs Junior Lite category made their debut at the National Championships at Mosport.

It was a rocky start for Anthony Boscia and Zain Ikram as the two front runners were involved in a big crash in turn one that ended both of their hopes at taking home the win. Nicholas Christodoulou was the early race leader ahead of Connor Pritiko, Jake Cowden and Lindgren.

Pritiko didn’t wait and went for the lead on lap three and the running order remained the same for the next handful of laps.

With five laps to go, Pritiko was still leading but Christodoulou was looking for a place to get by as he hounded the race leader. With three to go, he regained the top spot and some jostling spread the front four karts apart. That lasted only a lap and once again they were back together nose-to-bumper.

A small bobble by Cowden into the final chicane saw Lindgren get into the back of him and send him wide enough to get by as the group came around to the last lap board.

Christodoulou led all the way to the turn six hairpin but by taking the defensive inside line, he came in too hot and missed his apex. Pritiko did the exact same thing and from third, Lindgren rolled the curb perfect and passed both of them!

Looking left and right, Christodoulou was searching for room to pass but he was unable to and in doing so he hurt his exit speed out of the final corner, losing the second position to Cowden at the line while Lindgren brought home the big victory ahead.

Unfortunately for Christodoulou, he was penalized for jumping the start and the three-second penalty moved him down to fourth and Pritiko up onto the National podium.

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