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Superkarts! USA Brings TaG Cadet Program In-Line with IAME Focus

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Superkarts! USA Brings TaG Cadet Program In-Line with IAME Focus

The final page of the 2014 calendar is now less than 30 days from being flipped over, and then we’ll welcome the first month of 2015. It was with this in mind that Superkarts! USA was already hard at work planning for the new year well before hosting their season finale in Las Vegas last month, and a number of significant announcements have been scheduled for the coming weeks as a result. The recent release of the schedule for the sixth season of the SKUSA Pro Tour, as well as next year’s California ProKart Challenge dates, have people already planning their ‘15 programs, and this will help the organization continue its growth as it enters its 10th year under the helm of SKUSA CEO Tom Kutscher. The latest news regarding the future of Superkarts! USA is directed at the TaG Cadet division and will bring it inline with SKUSA’s long-term vision for their TaG categories. Beginning in 2015, the organization’s youngest group of drivers will utilize the IAME Mini Swift engine, and SKUSA has put together an incredible trade-in program to make sure that the new focus does not have a negative financial effect on its core group of customers. The Mini Swift, which is a 60cc air-cooled engine that utilizes a centrifugal dry clutch with an electric starter and a Tillotson carburetor, is now the future of SKUSA TaG Cadet racing.

This is an exciting time for us at Superkarts! USA as we just completed another milestone with the 18th running of the SuperNationals, and now we are looking to solidify our structure heading into the future,” stated Kutscher. “Our TaG Cadet division has reached its fifth year, and while our run with the Vortex program has been successful, we are striving to make the SKUSA TaG Cadet experience even better for next season and beyond. We’ve had over 30 to 40 hours of on-track testing with the Mini Swift, and I feel this is the best option for our youngest group of racers long-term, to put them inline with our commitment to the IAME product line. Our relationship with IAME USA is strong, and the link between our customers and their dealer network provides direct contact for support and prime customer service.”

To make this transition seamless and to remove any financial outlay, Superkarts! USA will be offering two levels of product acquisition to its core racing families. First off, SKUSA is offering a special direct trade-in program for the 50 SKUSA competitors who competed in either all three SKUSA Pro Tour or all of their ProKart Challenge events in 2014. These preferred customers will have the option of turning-in their fully-operational Mini Rok engines for a free IAME Mini Swift. Should they have two Mini Rok engines, they are eligible to receive two free IAME powerplants. If these core racers wish to keep their Mini Rok engines, they will be first in line to take part in the second level of the program, which will have 100 engines to be sold at $995 each – 50 through IAME West and 50 through IAME East. Drivers who competed in the Los Angeles Karting Championship’s TaG Cadet will also be eligible for the $995 engine purchase program. These will be available at one per customer. Throughout the remainder of the 2015 season, a complete IAME Mini Swift package will then be available for $1495 to help launch the new program. In addition, for drivers wishing to run only the Pro Tour and/or the SuperNationals with a rental program, a number of IAME dealers will be Mini Swift rental programs available.

“This new venture is aimed directly at the racers, as we feel that this package provides less cost to the racers down the road,” continued Kutscher. “We now have the ability to bring in more prizes and more free product in the future. It will also complete our goal of one single engine supplier for our TaG categories, with IAME being the sole engine supplier in 2015 with the Mini Swift, Leopard and X30.”

TaG Cadet drivers and families who campaigned the complete SKUSA Pro Tour or all of their respective ProKart Challenge regional events and wish to participate in the IAME Mini Swift trade-in program are asked to contact IAME USA West directly, so that the trade can be set-up with their local IAME dealer. Please email IAME USA West’s Tony Alvis to get the process underway ( California ProKart Challenge racers will be first in line so that they are prepped for the opening round of the series on February 6-7. Please do not call the Superkarts! USA office directly.

SKUSA’s move to the IAME program is now well underway. For 2015, both the IAME Parilla Leopard and the X30 will be allowed in the TaG Senior and TaG Master classes. The TaG Junior category will continue to run just the IAME Parilla Leopard engine that has been its foundation since the launch of the division in 2008. In 2016, all three classes will be focused on the IAME X30 only.

All X30 engines used in SKUSA competition must be purchased from an authorized IAME USA dealer. An identification card system is in development, which will eventually be supplied with each new engine. Previously purchased engines will also be provided with an ID card. Lastly, Superkarts! USA announced a rule change for the X30 back in September, moving from the expensive Tryton carburetor program to a more cost-effective Tillotson unit. IAME USA is offering this replacement program at no cost to the competitor. Both programs will begin at the start of 2015 through your local IAME USA dealer.

For more information on anything related to Superkarts! USA, please visit their website – – or call the SKUSA head office at 951-491-0808.

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