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Stehle Goes 2 for 3 at KartStars Point Pelee!


Stehle Goes 2 for 3 at KartStars Point Pelee!

Stehle Goes 2 for 3 at KartStars Point Pelee!

Zach Boam the only driver to best Stehle on the weekend in Leamington

Racing at his home track for the first time in a few years, Marc Stehle was back to his old habits at Point Pelee Karting, driving home two KartStars Canada victories in the three classes he entered, and finished runner-up in the third this past weekend.

For Stehle, it was just two more wins in an impressive karting career that has spanned nearly four decades, but more importantly, it was the chance to race on the same day as his daughter Brooklyn for the first time, as she suited up to compete in Briggs Cadet.

Pulling double-duty on Saturday, Stehle raced in both Briggs Masters and Briggs Senior.

Rain during qualifying challenged Stehle (Ricciardo Kart), who opted for used rain tires that just didn’t have much life left in them. When the sun came back out and the track dried up, Stehle was back running up front and in the chase for the win.

The Briggs Masters Final came down to a battle with Steve MacVoy (Ricciardo Kart). The pair broke away from Eli Yanko (TonyKart) and David Patrick (BirelART) early on. While MacVoy did the best he could to stick to the rear bumper of Stehle, a two-kart lengths gap opened up in the closing laps and Stehle was comfortable all the way to the finish line to secure his first win of the weekend. MacVoy and Yanko joined him on the podium, followed by Patrick and Levon Beaudin (BirelART), who had a nice recovery drive from the rear to fifth.

KartStars Canada Point Pelee Briggs Masters Final Results

1Marc Stehle
2Steven MacVoy0.343
3Eli Yanko4.413
4David Patrick4.539
5Leavon Beaudin4.698
6Bruno Polo10.885
7Mike Mcleod11.929
8Daniel Demaras11.123
9Andrew Sutak23.593
10Mitch Walsh23.917
11Dan Artale35.653
12Peter Courteau4 Laps

Shortly after, Stehle suited up for the Briggs Senior Final and he had his hands full.

A four-kart chase was on between Zach Boam (BirelART), Logan Ploder (CL Kart), Stehle and PreFinal winner Ryan Brutzki (Ricciardo Kart).

Brutzki led the first ten laps and the foursome was content until the second half of the race. Stehle took his shot at the lead on lap twelve with a push from Boam down the long Pelee straight.

Boam wasn’t patient in second and two laps later he went to the lead, moving Stehle back to second, as Brutzki and Ploder were at it for third.

Holding off the master, he was very strategic on his final two laps of the race and in a drag race to the finish line, the win went to Boam by 0.062 seconds. Brutzki won the battle for the final podium step, in which he brought his daughter up with him to accept the KartStars trophy. Ploder had to settle for fourth while Greg Rempel (BirelART) won the intense battle for a distant fifth.

KartStars Canada Point Pelee Briggs Senior Final Results

1Zach Boam
2Marc Stehle0.062
3Ryan Brutzki0.369
4Logan Ploder0.427
5Greg Rempel4.121
6Nicky Palladino4.222
7Dale Lajoie4.226
8Anthony Boscia4.511
9Anthony Frattaroli6.007
10Chad Webster7.499
11Jocelyn Gilbert7.555
12Jelena Latkovic9.712
13Kevin May9.785
14Alex Chong11.610
15Brodie Myer11.722
16Daniel Rampino15.993
17Abigale Collins19.097
18Jayden Elphage12.145

Returning on Sunday to a very hot and humid Point Pelee Karting, Stehle suited up for KartStars Senior with a nice mix of Senior and Masters drivers.

Boam struck first in Qualifying, but Stehle scored the first heat win. Heat two went to Boam as Stehle had a mechanic DNF, but the pair were back to positions 1 and 2 in the PreFinal with Boam earning the pole position for the Final.

The pair had Beaudin for company in the Final as the trio once again broke free from the chasing pack.

With Boam as the early race leader, Stehle jumped at the opportunity to move into the lead early on lap four and he led every lap from there to the finish. Just like his win on Saturday, Stehle was able to open up a couple of lengths gap in the closing lap to second place and that allowed him to run a smoother final lap and take the checkered flag by a half of a second.

Boam scored his second podium of the weekend with a second-place finish with Beaudin third. Brutzki and Kevin May (BirelART) did their best to stay with the leaders early, but fell back and had to settle for fourth and fifth.

KartStars Canada Point Pelee KartStars Senior Final Results

1Marc Stehle
2Zach Boam0.502
3Leavon Beaudin0.581
4Ryan Brutzki4.546
5Kevin May4.938
6Jocelyn Gilbert5.069
7Daniel Demaras8.064
8Abigale Collins9.104
9Alex Chong12.823
10Anthony Frattaroli15.462
11Peter Courteau16.069
12Aiden Bonham16.229
13Andrew Sutak26.054
14Matt Cameron26.634
15Jelena Latkovic1 Lap
16Daniel Rampino7 Laps
17Chad WebsterDNS
18Danny MastronardiDNS
19Greg RempelDNS

Photo gallery by Cody Schindel / CKN.

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