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SRA Karting Offers Up the Chance to Race in the Sodi World Series

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SRA Karting Offers Up the Chance to Race in the Sodi World Series

By: SRA Karting

For 2014, SRA Karting joins the famous SODI World Series (SWS). The concept is simple. Race at your local karting track and you may win the chance to race at the SODI World Finals next spring amongst 250 drivers from the five continents.

What is the SODI WORLD FINALS? In two words is the world’s biggest race on rental karts. The 2014 finals gather the winners of the 2013 championships and takes place at the mythical motorsports complex of Le Mans in France. Drivers of sprint races are using the Sodi GT MAX, powered by 2-stroke, 125cc engines. See what the 2014 Sodi World finals participants will face on May 9 & 10.

What will be the impact of this series for competitors at the SRA Karting local championship?
Similar to the Grand Prix Open presented last year, this championship is open to any driver (see “conditions” below) and has nine rounds on the race calendar. Each round will offer two final races and the top eight results will count for the championship standings. Competitors will have the choice to race in one or both finals each round. With more final races, this will give you more chance to maximise your ranking and will give more latitude to participants who cannot participate in every round.

At the end of the SRA Karting championship, the champion will receive an invitation to race at the SWS World Finals 2015 in May 2015. The grand prize includes:
• Registration for the 2015 SODI World Finals;
• Airfare for the winner;
• Accommodations (4 days);
• One racing suit
• An introduction class, theoretical and on track, on a 2-stroke kart. The class should be taken in spring 2015, before the participation at the SWS World Finals.
• Approximate value : $ 3000
The runner-up in the championship standings will win an introduction class on a 2-stroke racing kart with additional laps. (Value of $400.00)
The third driver in the championship standings will win ten 10-minute sessions on our rental karts. (Value of $250.00).

Races take place on Tuesday nights (exception: Wednesday July 2nd due to the Canada day on Tuesday July 1st).

Round # 1 – May 20
Round # 2 – June 3
Round # 3 – June 17
Round # 4 – July 2*** Wednesday
Round # 5 – July 15
Round # 6 – August 5
Round # 7 – August 19
Round # 8 – September 2
Round # 9 – September 16

Typical schedule and fees
 – 18:30
Registration and briefing – 
Qualifying session
 – 19:20
Final # 1 – 10 laps  – 19:40
Final # 2 – 10 laps – 


$50 +tx  for the qualifying and 1 final
$70 +tx  for the qualifying and 2 finals

SODI WORLD FINALS 2014 – Le mans by vision-kart

• The participant must be 15 years old or more at his first race;
• The minimum weight of the driver must be 180 pounds. If the driver’s weight is less than 180 pounds, lead will be added to the kart to cover the difference;
• The participant must not hold of have held a racing licence issued from a karting federation (ex. ASN Canada, Karting Québec) or an Automobile federation (ex. FSAQ) in the last three seasons (2011, 2012 or 2013);
• Before his first race in the championship, the participant must create his “SWS Profile” on the Sodi World Series website ( This registration is free and is needed for the management of the championship;
• The championship point system is the one established by SWS. The point system takes into consideration the participant’s position at the finish and the number of participants;
• Top 8 results of each participant count for the final championship standings;
• There is no registration fee to participate at the SWS championship. The participant just has to pay the racing fees for each round he is racing in and he must sign the waiver form;
• The Grand Prize for the winner is not transferable or exchangeable for money. The winner must officially confirm his participation to the SODI WORLD FINALS at the latest on January 31st 2014 on the SWS official website. If the winner cannot attend the world finals, the whole prize will be offered to the runner up in the Championship. If the runner up cannot attend the world finals, the whole prize will be offered to the participant who finished third in the championship and so on.


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