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Spectacular Weather for 34th Annual WRKC Oktoberfest GP

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Spectacular Weather for 34th Annual WRKC Oktoberfest GP

A lot of the surroundings of the annual WRKC Oktoberfest Grand Prix have changed throughout the 34 years it has been running. Three different locations and multiple track configurations, among thousands of different competitors over the years have made it something truly special to the Ontario four-cycle karting community. While the club doesn’t quite attract the entries it did ten years ago, the Oktoberfest Grand Prix is still one of the largest single day four-cycle only races in Canada and the beloved child of the Waterloo Regional Kart Club where each year a new group of members, supporters and volunteers see why.

Taking part on Thanksgiving Weekend the 2015 version featured spectacular weather and was highlighted by the wheel-to-wheel racing that is expected at Flamboro Speedway near Hamilton, Ontario. Nearly 150 competitors entered on a cool and crisp Saturday morning and by the time karts rolled on track the bright and beautiful sun was shining on the unique kart track located inside the Flamboro Speedway 1/3 mile oval. Annually the event continues to draw back past members and 2015 was no different with the likes of Steve Lyons, Kris Martin and more making one-off appearances back at the home of their karting roots.

There is something to be said about how the club continues to boast excellent numbers while still utilizing the Honda 5.5HP and 6.5HP engines that have been eliminated from the rest of the country in sprint karting. A family first attitude where almost the entire club is operated by volunteers really stands out and there is no question that is the reason the club operates like well oiled machine. There is rarely a moment of silence during each rotation of on track sessions, As soon as the checkered flag flies to close out one class, the next is fired up and roaring out on track just about as soon as possible.

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Some of the racing highlights included an intense battle in Novice between Cole Quinton and Connor Pritiko and side-pod banging in Jr. Heavy featuring ECKC race winner Austin Bisschop and Liam Rhodes, who just moved up from Jr. Lite. Adam Racine nearly claimed both Sr. Lite and Heavy races until a blown chain ended his chances in Heavy.

Courtesy of event sponsors Burwell Auto Body and Neely Auto, Fast Qualifiers and Final race winners earned $100.00 prize money as an added bonus for all classes.

Big race winners on the day included Ethan DeMenna (Cadet), Connor Pritiko (Novice), Tyson Wassink (Jr. Lite), Miranda Gill (Jr. Heavy), Adam Racine (Sr. Lite), Tristan Gill (Sr. Heavy) and John Dryden (Masters). In addition to the regular WRKC classes there were some additional classes and race on track where Joshua Conquer (Jr. Briggs), Tyler Paquette (Sr. Briggs), Ashton Reekie (Rookie Mechanics), Kyle Edgar (All Star Mechanics) and Sarah Arley (Powder Puff) claimed victories in the special events.

With the Waterloo Regional Kart Club season now closed for another year, preparations are already underway for 2016 even if the champions haven’t officially been crowned yet as the WRKC banquet will take place on November 14. For more info about WRKC visit their website,

Final Race Results:

Fast Qualifier: Ethan DeMenna
1. Ethan DeMenna
2. Jordan Ramsbottom
3. Michael Bauer
4. Logan Macrae
5. Ayden Ingratta

Fast Qualifier: Connor Pritiko
1. Connor Pritiko
2. Grace Baillargeon
3. Zachary Allison
4. Ethan Slote
5. Ethan Donkers

Jr. Lite
Fast Qualifier: Tyson Wassink
1. Tyson Wassink
2. Max Wright
3. Madison Colling
4. Josh Bisschop
5. Mackenzie Clark

Jr. Heavy
Fast Qualifier: Austin Bisschop
1. Miranda Gill
2. Liam Rhodes
3. Peter Ditner
4. Ciarra Collison
5. Austin Bisschop

Sr. Lite
Fast Qualifier: Adam Racine
1. Adam Racine
2. Darren Dryden
3. Jared Gill
4. Ryan Brutzki
5. Dominique Smith

Sr. Heavy
Fast Qualifier: Tyler Paquette
1. Tristan Gill
2. Darren Dryden
3. Dominique Smith
4. Steve Lyons
5. Tyler Paquette

Fast Qualifier: Brian Wilkinson
1. John Dryden
2. Brian Wilkinson
3. Steve Lyons
4. Rich Mizener
5. Adrian Donkers

Briggs & Stratton LO206 Junior
Fast Qualifier: Liam Rhodes
1. Joshua Conquer
2. Austin Bisschop
3. Liam Rhodes
4. Jordan Prior
5. Max Wright

Briggs & Stratton LO206 Senior
Fast Qualifier: Tyler Paquette
1. Tyler Paquette
2. David Greco
3. David Miller
4. Michael Glaze
5. Marc Stehle

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