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Spectacular Briggs Senior Final Sees Jordan Prior Triumph for National Title

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Spectacular Briggs Senior Final Sees Jordan Prior Triumph for National Title

Being one of the premier classes, Briggs Senior was the ultimate spectacle to close out Sunday’s ASN Canadian Karting Championship Finals at Mosport Kartways. Drivers held nothing back as the karts were flying from the first lap and in the end it was Jordan Prior (Prime/BirelART) who was crowned champion after a hard-fought battle.

The holeshot went to Nova Scotia’s Kelsey Hann (GCR/BirelART), who was followed closely by Prior, while Jon Treadwell, who started alongside Hann, slipped back a number of positions before settling into line. Pearce Herder (K&P/Awesome Kart) quickly worked by Prior and Hann by lap two to gain the early advantage.

Herder, Hann and Prior began to build a smooth gap over Treadwell as the drivers switched their focus to working together as opposed to racing. In Briggs this is critical as momentum is everything. After some time, Hann decided to make her move and regain the lead from Herder, but he regained the position on the same lap. This allowed drivers to catch up and ultimately there was now a train of six karts battling for the lead.

Time was ticking down and drivers began to push with five laps remaining. Prior dove up the insde of Hann entering the final corner and gained the spot, but it slowed the two of them up and allowed Herder to pull out a small lead. This gap didn’t last long as a push and a draft by Prior and Hann allowed them to not only catch, but overtake Herder in the hairpin. Treadwell also snuck by, demoting Herder to fourth with three laps to go.

The two BirelART drivers were now one and two and working together to try to force a gap over the third place of Treadwell.

The final lap saw Hann pushing hard. Treadwell tried to pass in corner five, but some contact resulted in him spinning as he exited the corner.

Prior defended every corner perfectly and was able to hold off Hann, securing his first Canadian National Championship. Hann scored a well earned runner-up while Herder was elevated to third after a penalty was presented to Alex Murphy (BirelART), who initially crossed in third. Khloe Drummond (VSR/TonyKart) completed the top-five with a great drive.

Following the race, it was great to see Treadwell, Herder and other drivers run over to congratulate Prior on the victory, showing the great respect these Briggs Senior drivers have for eachother.

Briggs Senior Final Results

  1. Jordan Prior
  2. Kelsey Hann
  3. Pearce Herder
  4. Alex Murphy
  5. Khloe Drummond
  6. David Barnes
  7. Avery Miller
  8. Tyler Agan
  9. Ryan Armstrong
  10. Jon Treadwell
  11. Mike De La Plante
  12. Logan Ploder
  13. Keidon Fletcher
  14. Owyn Thomas
  15. Brennan Taylor
  16. Alec Dummond
  17. Spencer Todd
  18. William Lowther
  19. Jen Gray
  20. Liam Cusask
  21. Aaron Kennedy
  22. Alex Da Silva
  23. Michael Adams
  24. Chad Webster
  25. Evan McIntosh

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