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SPARCO Releases Revamped 2017 Karting Gear


SPARCO Releases Revamped 2017 Karting Gear

A renewal from head to toe. SPARCO® presents its 2017 in the world of karting. A completely renewed line from helmets to shoes, going from the suits and gloves. Increasingly high performance fabrics, technical specifications in the name of security and a modern design that gives a nod to fashion.

Two new helmet models: Air KF-7W and SKY KF-5W. The first, made by carbon fiber shell reinforced with layers of carbon/kevlar is directly derived from the experience gained on the track. Developed in collaboration with the French driver Pierre Ragues, WEC driver and 10 times at Le Mans, particular attention was paid to the ventilation system as Paolo Donadei, project manager SPARCO® helmets, also explains: “We have conveyed the experience of racing helmets also on this model, greatly improving the fit and the ventilation, especially at low speeds, with the air that comes into the visor with an anti fog system. We also significantly increased the size of the chin guard that protects from air either from possible impact.”


Very important news also regarding the suits with the new Prime KS-10, which becomes the flagship model for Volpiano’s brand. Angelo Bardascino, project manager of SPARCO® suits, explains the innovations: “The Prime KS-10 suit is the continuation of the Infinity project. In essence, being totally printable and not having to apply customizations with embroidery and construction techniques, it has the advantage of being much lighter. The double CIK-FIA and CE approval is a further source of pride.”

Produced in Polyester/Polyamide Prime KS-10, thanks to perforated inserts on the back, armpits, inner leg and outer was made as breathable as possible, while Cordura inserts on the back increase the wear protection. Great news for the X-Light KS-7 as confirmed by Bardascino: “also in this case we are faced to a completely new suit both as regards the materials and design, although in this case we wanted to maintain a design similar to Lunargrid that was very successful. We conjugated the use of new materials between the polyamide for the main part of the body and an elastic material which is very present compared to other suits. This allows for greater comfort and a greater possibility of movement.” The range of SPARCO® suits is completed with the Robur KS-5, Groove KS-3 and Track KS-1 in addition to the renewed line Seamless underwear.


But is in the foot of a driver who often finds all his driving skills and SPARCO® thought best for the sensitivity and resistance with the new boot Superleggera KB-10, a real novelty in terms of innovation and materials. Ilaria Franzin, project manager SPARCO® has listened to the demands of kart drivers to arrive at the ideal solution: “We used the same sole of racing shoe, having to reach a certain level of reliability, but to increase the abrasion resistance, particularly accentuated in the kart, we thought a TPU over injected directly onto the fabric, to avoid seams. This product is entirely made in Italy and has a 3D hell protector abrasion-resistant material in addition to a rear elasticized insert to improve the fitting.” Superleggera KB-10 is the flagship of the karting shoes range that is renewed thanks to the inclusion of Omega KB-6 and Gamma KB-4, two new models that meet the needs of the most experienced kart drivers, but also to those who approach the specialty.

If the sensitivity of the foot on the pedals is important, it is crucial to have firmly in their hands the wheel. The range of SPARCO® gloves is completed with the inclusion of two new models: Motion KG-5, a glove that with a silicone printed palms allows for greater breathability and excellent grip on the wheel and Track KG-3 the right balance between performance and quality.

SPARCO® “motto”, “Safety First” finds its highest expression in the new rib protector Rib Pro K-5, made with 5 layers of hand laminated fiberglass. The padding in expanded EPDM can absorb more shocks and rubber edges prevents friction with the suit, while preserving its integrity.

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