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Scott Campbell Finding Success Off the Track with Team Canada at the RMCGF

Scott and his father Dave continue to support the Rotax Grand Finals, even after they are done competing (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

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Scott Campbell Finding Success Off the Track with Team Canada at the RMCGF

For twelve of the past eighteen versions of the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals, Scott Campbell has been a competitor at the ‘Olympics of Karting’, scoring a victory in 2010 and standing on the podium multiple times in future years. He was the first Canadian to win a heat race at the global event and took part in the years before every driver was provided with the same brand of chassis for equal competition. He also competed aboard the RM1 when Rotax first introduced their DD2 package and until this year, was the driver who had competed in the most Grand Finals.

Two years ago he started his own race team, Scott Campbell Racing, to help provide opportunities for drivers in Western Canada, and is also a very important part of the Western Canadian Karting Championship, which made it’s revival this past season.

But now in year nineteen of the RMCGF, Campbell has set his helmet aside and is now a supporter of the next generation of Team Canada drivers at the event.

Still a major part of the event, Campbell is in Brazil this week to support not only the drivers who qualified through the WCKC but all of Team Canada, providing a massive amount of knowledge to our drivers, half of them competing in the Grand Finals for the first time in their karting careers.

We caught up with Scott to ask him a few questions in Brazil.

First off, how does it feel to be on the sidelines this week and not competing in an event you’ve raced in 12 times?

“Being on the other side of the steering wheel is definitely different. Since starting my team two years ago it has given me the chance to adjust to the other side of the sport. When everything goes right with your drivers and there is success, it is rewarding too.”

You’ve been working closely with the drivers who qualified through the WCKC, what kind of information are you passing on to McCaughan, Choquer, Leung, Hartley and Allen to help get them up to speed here in Brazil?

“Since Coltin and Bryce are in the same class we are working to gain knowledge together to make each other faster. For the other guys on Team Canada I am trying to talk to them to see what could be better and give some suggestions of things that might work, but leave it up the driver and mechanic to decide if it would work for them.”

Does the presence of Christophe Adams, who passes you on the all-time attendance list, as well Christian Morgado motivate you to try and get back in a kart once your surgery fully heals?

“Definitely since Adams has now got 13 times racing at the Grand Finals and I held the most races by a driver for so many years it does make me want to be out on the track. Also now since Cristiano is back it really makes me want to be out there with them battling for the World Championship. Maybe 2020?”

Finally, what are your overall thoughts on Team Canada and the RGF taking place in South America for the first time?

“The team is small this year and I think we are all trying to talk and work together to be the best we all can be and have the best experience for everyone. It is great to see that Rotax has come to a new track and hope they continue to move the race around to different new facilities that create great racing for everyone.”

“I want to thank everyone that has supported and followed me over my journey at the Rotax Grands and we will see about a comeback in 2020!!”

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