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Schrevel Pulls off the Perfect Pass to Win by 0.027 Seconds!


Schrevel Pulls off the Perfect Pass to Win by 0.027 Seconds!

Two groups were needed for Qualifying and the PreFinals in Briggs Senior again as 46 drivers entered the event. Qualifying saw group two dominate the timesheet, posting the top twelve times. Just as they did at SH in round one, the session was led by Steven Navratil (OTK) and his teammate Ari Korkodilos (OTK), this time separated by only 0.003 seconds. Leopold Schrevel (Kart Republic) and Antoine Lacharite (Mac Minarelli) also worked together and ranked third and fourth, barely a tenth of a second back.

Taking to the track Saturday afternoon for their PreFinals, drivers aimed for a top fifteen finishing position to directly transfer to the Final, with the rest requiring a trip through the Last Chance Race. Under the warmest temperatures of the weekend, it was tricky conditions on the track and when the dust settled and some penalties were accessed, Vincent Goulet (BirelART) took the win in PreFinal A and Korkodilos was on top in PreFinal B to secure the front row for the main event.

As the green flag waived, 36 Briggs Seniors roared around the opening corners and battled for inches on track before settling the opening lap running order. A great opening lap for Navratil saw him pounce on the lead with Korkodilos, Goulet, Schrevel and Lacharite in tow.

Korkodilos didn’t wait too long to make a move on his teammate for the lead, doing so on lap five. Navratil came back for the lead three laps later until disaster struck for the early race leader when his rear bumper became dislodged and he received the Meatball flag, ending his race early.

This left the lead pair of Korkodilos and Schrevel with a small gap over Lacharite and a charging Mathieu Beaudoin (BirelART) while Goulet slipped outside the top five.

Over the final four laps, Korkodilos and Schrevel traded the lead enough that their gap had shrunk significantly and when the last lap board was displayed, Korkodilos had the advantage of being out front. Schrevel looked in every corner for an opportunity to slip by, but the race leader defended beautifully.

It all came down to the final two corners and Korkodilos held to the inside of the final hairpin. Schrevel swung very wide, delayed his entry into the corner and was able to crossover the race leader. Taking the long way around the final corner, Schrevel had just enough momentum to pull alongside Korkodilos and in a drag race to the finish line, Schrevel was the first to cross, scoring the race victory by 0.027 seconds.

Just behind, Beaudoin needed only one more lap to be in the fight for the race win but had to settle for third place, just ahead of Lacharite. A few seconds later, Vassil Tchiplakov (Synergy) was the fifth to cross the finish line, but a penalty for contact moved him down the results sheet and promoted Isabelle Manny (BirelART) to a top-five finish.

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