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Savaglio Leads the Way in KartStars Senior at Sutton; Boam Secures Title


Savaglio Leads the Way in KartStars Senior at Sutton; Boam Secures Title

Making his first KartStars Canada start of the season, Gianluca Savaglio (Kosmic) showed up and led the way all day at 3S Go-Karts in KartStars Senior action, the combination class of Senior and Masters Briggs drivers.

Savaglio qualified on the pole-position, swept both of the heat races, won the PreFinal, and pulled away to 2.7-second victory in the Final, going unchallenged all the way to the checkered flag.

Taking second was Nicky Palladino (TonyKart), who was also making his first KartStars start of the year in the season finale. A tight battle for third ensued early on between Marc Stehle (CL Kart), Jake Cowden (Awesome Kart) and Vassil Tchiplakov (Intrepid). By halfway, Stehle and Cowden were able to break free before Cowden took the position for good to finish on the podium.

Meanwhile in the championship chase, Zach Boam (BirelART) was able to secure enough points with his fifth place finish to stay ahead of Cowden in the calculations and earn the title.

Briggs Senior and Masters drivers will return to Sutton on Sunday for their individual classes.

Race Result: KartStars Senior Final

  1. Gianluca Savaglio
  2. Nicky Palladino +2.702
  3. Jake Cowden +3.908
  4. Marc Stehle +4.148
  5. Zach Boam +8.404
  6. Ryan Brutzki +9.509
  7. Vassil Tchiplakov +10.512
  8. Daniel Demaras +11.050
  9. Adrian Koniarz +20.451
  10. David Miller +20.539
  11. Levon Beaudin
  12. Jelena Latkovic
  13. Eli Yanko
  14. Matthew White
  15. Cayden Goodridge
  16. Alex Savaglio
  17. Jeremy Chatterson
  18. Matt Cameron
  19. Chase Whitney
  20. Francesco Ferrari
  21. Daniel Rampino

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