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Savaglio Has High Expectations Going to First Rok Cup SuperFinal

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Savaglio Has High Expectations Going to First Rok Cup SuperFinal

2019 may have been the most complete season for Gianluca Savaglio. A dominant Junior in the Briggs division for the past three seasons, he finally broke out in Rok Cup competition and was rewarded with a number of victories and two MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship titles, earning him an opportunity to compete in the Rok Cup SuperFinal in Italy.

He joined Racing Edge Motorsports at the end of June and it was like a lightswitch to even more success, especially in Rok Junior.

In total, Savaglio scored eight race victories in MRFKC action, five in Briggs and three in Rok, added a Briggs Junior win at the Canadian Open too and finished runner-up at the Canadian Karting Championships in Rok Junior, nearly getting his ticket there.

It’s quite the resume for sure, but none it translates into success on the international level. The Rok Cup SuperFinal will be a completely new journey for Savaglio and he still has high expectations for himself. Seeing the success of teammate Dale Curran at last years event has given him the confidence to go out and try to do the same.

He will be teamed up with Curran and Andrew Maciel as the Canadians in Rok Junior. With an entry list featuring more than 100 drivers in the category, they no doubt will have their hands full.

Catching up with Savaglio before he jets off to Italy, we were able to ask him a few questions about the Rok Cup SuperFinal.

Congrats on the great year, how does it feel to qualify for the Rok SuperFinal as a member of Team Canada?

Thank you. It feels amazing. I’m so happy to be representing Canada in Italy.

This will be the biggest karting event you have ever competed in, what have you done to prepare for it?

I have been preparing for this event since I starting racing two-cycle engines. I’ve been racing every weekend to get ready and stay in race shape.

What does seeing Dale Curran’s success at the SuperFinal last year mean for you going for your first time?

First of all, Dale’s a really good driver, so I’m not surprised that he did so well at last years SuperFinal. After competing against Dale at the beginning of this year, it gives me hope because we have a very high calibre of racing in Canada and I’m looking forward to the challenge in Italy.

And what are your personal expectations for the event?

I’m going in with high expectations and confidence in myself and also because Kevin [Monteith] will be with me and I’m confident in him and his ability to set up my kart.

It seems your performances this year really turned up when you joined Racing Edge Motorsports. How important has it been to have the support of Kevin Monteith going to Italy?

As you know, I’ve never been part of a team and this probably would not have happened if I was not part of REM. The support I have received from Kevin, Heather and Wendy and also Kelly and Derrick Michaud from KDM has been unbelievable. After I joined REM I felt very confident at every event I attended. I’m looking to bring this confidence to Italy with the support of Kevin Monteith.

Finally, is there anyone you want to thank that has helped you get to Italy for this amazing opportunity?

I would like to thank my parents, everyone at REM, D2 Motors, KDM Racing Engines, my friend Nicky Palladino, Enzo from 3s Go-Karts and especially my teammates Adam and Daniel Ali.

CKN will be trackside at South Garda Karting for the Rok Cup SuperFinal in Italy. Be sure to follow all of our content as we keep our readers informed on how our Rok Cup Canada contingent is doing at this spectacular event.

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