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Sanders and Da Silva Earn CRFKC Driver of the Day Awards at Mosport


Sanders and Da Silva Earn CRFKC Driver of the Day Awards at Mosport

The second round of the 2016 Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge was another huge success as over 180 drivers competed at Mosport Kartways on Sunday. Coupling the weekend with a MIKA club race on Saturday, it was an action packed pair of race day under beautiful weather conditions.

Highlighting the weekend CRFKC and Pfaff Motorsports awards a Junior and a Senior driver with Driver of the Day trophies, making note of those delivering strong performances.

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This weekend it was Gavin Sanders earning the honour after taking victory in the thriller Briggs & Stratton Junior category. Recovering from a tough qualifying effort, Sanders worked his way forward and held off the challengers he faced, especially in the final laps, to score the victory.


Gavin Sanders accepting his award from the Pfaff Motorsports rep Laurance Yap

For the senior drivers, it came as little surprise that rookie Alex Da Silva earned the award after taking home the win in Briggs & Stratton Senior. Making his first official karting start only a few months ago, Da Silva has been a threat all season long and on Sunday he drove his Energy Kart to his first CRFKC victory.

Well done to these drivers and all of those who were victorious on Sunday at Mosport.


Alex Da Silva was all smiles with his award on Sunday

Here are your race winners from Sunday’s CRFKC event:

Briggs Junior
1. Gavin Sanders
2. Jordan Prior
3. Gianluca Savaglio

Briggs Junior Lite
1. Junior Lindgren
2. Avery Miller
3. Alex Drummond

Briggs Masters
1. Adrian Donkers
2. Marc Stehle
3. Steve Attard

Briggs Novice
1. Brayden Lindgren
2. Steven Navaratil
3. Ethan Donkers

Briggs Senior
1. Alex Da Silva
2. Tyler McCullough
3. Jeff Kingsley

Rotax DD2
1. Tyler Kashak
2. Dante Lerra
3. Enrico Menotti

Rotax Junior
1. Xavier Harris
2. Andres De Alba
3. Stefano Lucente

Rotax Mini-Max
1. Dale Curran
2. Gianluca Savaglio
3. Ryland Duesburry

Rotax Micro-Max
1. Austin Boyle
2. Lorenzo Morsillo
3. Anthony Sardellitti

Rotax Senior
1. Nicholas Hornbostel
2. Justin Ovejero
3. Davide Greco

Rotax Masters
1. David Shutiak
2. Gilbert Strassguetl
3. Derek Woodbridge

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