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Rotax Stars & Stripes Launched in USA

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Rotax Stars & Stripes Launched in USA

Starting off the 2019 season with a fully relaunched state of Rotax racing in the United States, J3 Competition have unveiled their concept for key events under the branding of ‘Stars & Stripes’. As the northern USA distributor for BRP-Rotax karting product lines, J3 Competition will work on the development of the sport and the core customer base at the local and regional levels with the efforts to also improve the club level of karting in America. With a founding emphasis, the Stars & Stripes events will represent the pinnacle of Rotax racing in the northern region whereby awarding RMC Grand Finals tickets to the national event winners.

The new program will host two national events in 2019 with the first event taking place on the cusp of summer in the western part of USA, which will be branded the Stars & Stripes ‘Trophy’. The second event which will take over as the re-branded USRMC Nationals, now Stars & Stripes ‘Open’ which will be held at Pittsburgh International Raceway during the first week of August.

“With a strong focus on our aim of growth in the sport we are equally excited about hosting two events that will offer a positive and professional experience for competitors as well as being able to award valuable Grand Finals tickets. Since its inception of the one-make concept and its origination of the Grand Finals approach the Rotax program has been a true pioneer not only in power-sports but in karting as well and we are thankful to get back to this original premise and have some great competition across northern USA.” – J3 management

Both events will utilize official Rotax international regulations providing a very consistent and proven platform. Additionally, both Stars & Stripes events will utilize the new proven MoJo tire program (D2 | D5 compounds) which will offer the complete concept of the Rotax Challenge. All additional pertinent information regarding not only the two Stars & Stripes events, but Rotax racing in the northern USA will be available through the J3 Competition website, for now a few important details regarding the national Stars and Stripes events follow:

  • Lottery Engine Program (Driver Responsible For Accessory Kit)
  • Grand Finals Tickets (International)
  • Limited MoJo Practice & Race Tires
  • Friday – Sunday Racing (No Additional Weekly Practice)
  • Micro/Mini | Jr Max | Sr Max | Masters Max | DD2
  • International Drivers Welcomed

The new event structure is highlighted with a unique position from its ‘lottery’ engine platform which follows the same concept as the Rotax Grand Finals. The lottery engine program will have a slight deviation from 2018 where only the engine itself will be provided at the time of the engine raffle on Thursday allowing competitors to utilize their own personal accessory kits (Electronics, Inlet Silencer, Exhaust System)*. This provides a partnering concept of ownership as well as allowing competitors and teams to arrive with their racing chassis fully prepared and ready! Special accessory kit pricing will be available through the northern USA Rotax service center market at the first of March 2019.

Additionally limited practice/race tires coupled with the three-day format provides a sustainable platform for the market. The event format enables a large base of participants the opportunity to attend these two events without having to be out of location for an elongated period of time, thus reducing multiple costs barriers.

“We felt the importance of creating this new structure in such a way that fully represents Rotax racing at its purest, which is about the ‘competitor’. With only one set of tires utilized for all of racing (new for qualifying) along with many other unique feathers, cost consideration is taken immediately into account. The tire platform requires drivers to manage their equipment like a true professional and we are able to achieve this thanks to the amazing development and product achieved by our partner Heidenau, the manufacturer of MoJo racing tires.

As the program structure matures over the coming days and weeks, please stay up to date on all items through J3 Competition’s website, social media and do not hesitate to contact their offices with any questions regarding not only Stars and Stripes, but the Rotax engine concept as well.

About J3 Competition
J3 Competition is an American based distribution and competition product resale company that focuses on the sector of high performance kart racing. With a tenure being recognized as a world leader in the development of the karting industry, J3 Competition is the United States distributor of BRP-Rotax products designed for kart racing including; Rotax, XPS lubricants, MoJo tires. | +1 184 864 1846 |

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