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Rotax Grand Finals Rankings After the Heat Races


Rotax Grand Finals Rankings After the Heat Races

It took a while but the rankings are finally out after the heat races. With the new nosecone rules in effect, there have been a lot of post-race penalties altering the finishing rankings, benefitting some and having others.

Here is how Canada stacks up going into todays PreFinal races. A reminder, drivers will need to finish in the top-17, with the exception of Micro and Mini, to advance to Tomorrow Grand Final races and have a chance at the title.

Rain is in the forecast for Friday, with it appearing most of the PreFinal races will be in the rain or at the least, under wet conditions.

Don’t forget, you can watch the live stream right on CKN. Click here!

Rotax Micro-Max

Anthony Sardellitti – 20th

Rotax Mini-Max

Thomas Nepveu – 9th

Rotax Junior

Ryan MacDermid – 3rd overall, starts 2nd in PreFinal A
Samuel Lupien – 14th overall, starts 7th in PreFinal B
Matthew Taskinen – 44th overall, starts 22nd in PreFinal B
Andres De Alba – 69th overall, starts 35th in PreFinal A

Rotax Senior

Marco Di Leo – 12th overall, starts 6th in PreFinal A
Zachary Claman DeMelo – 39th overall, starts 20th in PreFinal A
Coltin Mccaughan – 45th overall, starts 23rd in PreFinal A
Kellen Ritter – 50th overall, starts 25th in PreFinal B
Gianfranco Mazzaferro – 60th overall, starts 30th in PreFinal B

Rotax DD2 Masters

Scott Campbell – 2nd overall, starts 1st in PreFinal B

Rotax DD2

Marco Signoretti – 8th overall, starts 4th in PreFinal B
Tyler Kashak – 35th overall, starts 18th in PreFinal A
Jeff Kingsley – 59th overall, starts 30th in PreFinal A
Alessandro Bizzotto – 60th overall, starts 30th in PreFinal B


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