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Rotax and Shifter Championship Races are Extremely Close Going into Finale


Rotax and Shifter Championship Races are Extremely Close Going into Finale

The sixth and final round of the Coupe de Montreal season hits the track this weekend at the Jim Russell Karting Academy in Mont-Tremblant. Even in the compressed summer action, organizers were still able to fit in all six races across four different circuits, culminating with a grand finale, the Fall Classic which also coincides as the Canadian Open. There is plenty on the line this weekend and we’re so excited to be trackside for it all.

For many, their season all comes down to this final weekend and if they can muscle up enough points, they could just drive home with a coveted Coupe de Montreal class championship.

If you missed part 1, click here to see our breakdown of the Briggs & Stratton categories.

In part 2, we analyze the Rotax Max and Shifter divisions competing for Coupe de Montreal titles. In almost every category, the gap between P1 and P2 is extremely close and every position on track this weekend will matter.

Rotax Senior

1Vincent Desautels1185205980
2Kevin King100550955-25
3Martin Lemay888152736-244
4Jack Drury880125755-225
5Nalin Shah79830768-212

It’s a two-kart race in Rotax Senior this weekend for the title as both Vincent Desautels (SodiKart) and Kevin King (CL Kart) have taken all the victories this year and after the drops are calculated are only separated by 25 points. The pair have finished on the podium in every race, with the exception of one for King, who had an issue on the pace lap of round 4 at ICAR.

With a ticket on the line to the overall race winner to join Team Canada at the Rotax Grand Finals, there is some additional interest for these drivers to win, but with that comes additional competition too, as a number of drivers from across the country are in town seeking the ticket.

In the race for third, Nalin Shah (FA Kart) moves up from fifth to third after drops are calculated as one bad race for him has kept him out of the championship hunt. Jack Drury also moves ahead of Martin Lemay after drops with these three expected to duke it out for the final step of the championship podium.

Kevin King and Vincent Desautels (Photo by Bruno Dorais)


1Nathan Gilbert1065180885
2Charles Robin920092035
3Henry Knox850134716-169
4Marc Antoine Poirer71345668-217
5Alec St Hilaire6220622-263

A pair of SH Karting teammates are set for a showdown in Shifter this weekend. Nathan Gilbert (SodiKart) leads the points before drops, but after they are calculated, Charles Robin (SodiKart) holds a scant 35-point advantage.

Interestingly enough, Gilbert has yet to win this season, finishing second four times, but consistency has left him with a chance to finally get that victory this season and take home the title along with it.

For Robin, a missed race in round three means no mistakes are allowed this weekend. He is riding a two-race winning streak meaning he could arrive in Tremblant with the momentum he needs.

2019 champion Henry Knox (BirelART) is third, while Marc-Antoine Poirer and Alec St Hilaire round out the top-five.

Rotax Junior

1Mathieu Cousineau1114134980
2Yu Chen Ye1075205870-110
3Louka St Jean1047182865-115
4Zack Lalonde949174775-205
5Maude Grenier887167720-260

A trio of Ben Cooper Racing team members are leading the way in Rotax Junior as Mathieu Cousineau (BirelART) holds a sizeable advantage in the championship chase over Yu Chen Ye (BirelART) and Louka St Jean (BirelART).

With a 110-point margin, and victories in the last three races, Cousineau is enjoying a great first season in the Rotax category, while Ye and St Jean are separated by only 5 points after drops are calculated.

Zack Lalonde (FA Kart) and Maude Grenier (BirelART) fill in positions four and five, and will need some luck if they want to advance into the top-three by weekends end.

With a number of racers from outside the region joining in the action this weekend, it will be exciting to see who can come out on top in both the Canadian Open and the Coupe de Montreal championship races.

Rotax DD2

1Lucas Pernod1100166934
2Jules Pernod7950795-139
3Kevin Ignatowicz67720657-277
4Louka St Jean6450645-289
5Raphael St Pierre61015595-339

The Rotax DD2 championship may already be in the books for Lucas Pernod as three race wins this season has allowed him to build a large margin in the standings.

Jules Pernod and Kevin Ignatowicz fill in positions two and three and while they have be out of the championship running, still have a shot at the Canadian Open ticket this weekend.

Rotax DD2 Masters

1Pascal Paquin1017172845
2Jean Francois Richard1005180825-20
3Alexandre Gauthier9950995150
4Bruno Legrand7810781-64
5Vivien Chevallier76940729-116

Alexandre Gauthier has four wins this season in Rotax DD2 Masters competition and holds a massive 150-point lead after drops are factored in.

Pascal Paquin and Jean-Francois Richard will battle it out this weekend for vice-championship honours, while Bruno Legrand also has a fighting chance for second overall.

Shifter Masters

1Nicholas Bedard1167197970
2Dany St Hilaire1145215930-40
3Louis Jean Boucher83540795-175
4Francesco Vassallo62635591-379
5Christian Gysi6200620-350

Two familiar helmets top the standings in Shifter Masters as defending champion Nicholas Bedard (BirelART) leads former champion Dany St-Hilaire.

The two are separated by only 40 points going into the weekend and we’re expecting fireworks to see who comes out on top in 2020.

Louis Jean Boucher has a sold hold on third place overall, while Francesco Vassallo and Christian Gysi round out the top-five going into the weekend.

Shifter action (Photo by: Stephane Gagne)

If you haven’t registered for this weekend’s Coupe de Montreal and Canadian Open, what are you waiting for? Head over to to register and race this weekend in Mont-Tremblant!

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