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Roman DeAngelis Completes Dominating Weekend in Briggs & Stratton Junior

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Roman DeAngelis Completes Dominating Weekend in Briggs & Stratton Junior

After a nine kart incident led to a red flag in Briggs & Stratton Junior Final, Roman DeAngelis (Koene/Birel) was pushed into the lead by Joshua Conquer (DMR/TonyKart) and William Gosselin (FA Kart) on the restart.

DeAngelis and Conquer opened up an early gap as karts jockeyed for the third position, however Tyler McCullough (Intrepid) and Austin Bisschop (REM/Birel) worked their way back up to DeAngelis and Conquer after getting through the pack.

At the halfway mark Bisschop lost the draft from the leaders eliminating his chance to win the Championship. McCullough worked by Conquer for second to set up his chance to win the race winning the race with two laps to go.

A lapped kart on the back straight helped DeAngelis keep the lead on the final lap going into the hairpin and a great defensive line in the infield allowed him to win the race and complete the dominating weekend. McCullough backed up his National Title from last season with a second place result beating Conquer to the line. Completing the top five were K&K Kart teammates Andre Fiorini and Braxton Terry as Bisschop was swallowed by the second pack of karts.

The National title is the first for DeAngelis after coming second last year in Goodwood.

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