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Rok Senior National Final Wows the Crowd for the Second Straight Year!

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Rok Senior National Final Wows the Crowd for the Second Straight Year!

Xavier Harris Defends National Title after chaos breaks out on the track!

The stage was set to be nothing short of spectacular and wow did the Rok Senior Final provide the action at the 2019 ASN Canadian Karting Championships at Mosport Kartways! In the end, it was Ontario driver Xavier Harris (KGR/Exprit) who was able to stand on top of the podium after a hard-fought battle for the entire race. This drama-filled race was full of action from start to finish.

Off the start the drivers flooded up the hill, pushing to gain positions. Nothing was held back as drivers battled on every inch of the circuit. Ryan MacDermid led early after leading the field to the green flag. His time at the top was short-lived as Patrick Woods-Toth (Prime/BirelART) slotted himself into the lead on lap three. It didn’t last long as a shove from Curran heading into corner three sent Woods-Toth wide and allowed Curran to grab the lead and a number of drivers to overtake Woods-Toth.

It all broke loose from there. Contact in the hairpin sent a number of drivers spinning, including MacDermid, Cusson, Diego Ramos (REM/Kosmic) and Kai Dalziel (PRO/Exprit) breaking up the lead pack of eight drivers. The chaos continued for a few more laps, including a tangle between Woods-Toth and a hard-charging Nicholas Hornbostel (REM/Kosmic), which ended the race for Hornbostel in the final corner of the circuit.

Dale Curran (REM/Kosmic) was able to extend his lead midway through the race as these battles behind him raged on. Drivers swapped spots on every corner of the circuit.

Emerging from it all was Harris, the defending National Champion who drove to victory in a very similar situation last year.

At the checkered flag, Curran crossed well ahead of the pack, Harris in second, just ahead of Chris Chanko (VSR/TonyKart), Woods-Toth and Jared Ramnayran (PRO/Exprit).

However, Curran received a penalty for a pushback bumper and the contact in corner three, moving him down to fifth in the final ranking and elevating Harris to the top of the podium for the second year in a row. Woods-Toth also received a penalty, meaning Ramnayran ended up second and Chanko, from nineteenth on the starting grid, took the third step of the podium.

Making his debut on the Mosport circuit, American Vatche Tatikian (PSL/Ricciardo) was able to lock down the win in Rok Masters. He was followed by Joe Crupi (VRS/Exprit), Sylvain Coulombe (Premier/FA Kart) in third.

Harris, Tatikan and Crupi earned tickets to the Rok Cup SuperFinal in Italy for their efforts, Ramnayran scored an invite to Rok the Rio in Las Vegas and Chanko and Coloumbe earned an invite to the 2020 Rok Cup Florida Winter Tour.

Rok Senior Final Results

  1. Xavier Harris
  2. Jared Ramnarayan
  3. Chris Chanko
  4. Patrick Woods-Toth
  5. Dale Curran
  6. Marc-Antoine Poirer
  7. Justin Di Benedetto
  8. Mark Davis
  9. Chris Glover
  10. Eamon Lowe
  11. Matthew Miles
  12. Taegen Poles
  13. Ryan MacDermid
  14. Nolan Bower
  15. Liam Rhodes
  16. Kai Dalziel
  17. Mackenzie Clark
  18. Trevor Pace
  19. Nicholas Hornbostel
  20. Cole Hooton
  21. Logan Cusson
  22. Diego Ramos

Rok Masters Final Results

  1. Vatche Tatikan
  2. Joe Crupi
  3. Sylvain Coloumbe
  4. Adrian Donkers

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