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Rok Juniors Battle Hard for Sunday Victory as Gonzalez Emerges with Win


Rok Juniors Battle Hard for Sunday Victory as Gonzalez Emerges with Win

The Rok Juniors once again had a hard time getting their races started as Florida Winter Tour officials didn’t like the speed that polesitter Ugo Ugochukwu (TonyKart) and Tyler Gonzalez (TonyKart) approached with, so after two failed attempts they moved the leaders back a row. Taking advantage of this, Matheus Morgatto (Parolin) and Canadian Thomas Nepveu (BirelArt) led the way when the race finally got underway.

Roaring down the main straight into turn one, it was a frenzy with Morgatto emerging with the lead. However, on lap three, the red flag was brought out for the medical staff to attend to one driver.

Back underway, Gonzalez pressured Morgatto for the lead while Ugochukwu was also present. On lap five, they both slid by and began to pull away from Morgatto until Ugochuku and Gonzalez made contact in turn three on lap ten, with Ugochukwu getting the worst of it, falling back to eighth and Sebastian Montoya (TonyKart) jumping to the lead.

As Ugochukwu powered his way back to the leaders Montoya continued to lead with Gonzalez and Morgatto in tow. A number of purple laps for Ugochukwu saw him claw back to the top three, moving past Morgatto with two laps to go and then Montoya a lap later. But he ran out of time and Gonzalez celebrated the victory at the finish line.

Ugochukqu settled for second with Montoya taking third. Morgatto and Reece Gold (FA Kart) wrapped up the top-five. The biggest mover of the race was Cloe Morgan (TonyKart), jumping up eighteen spots to take thirteenth.

Nepveu slipped back to ninth at the finish. Marcello Paniccia (BirelART) made his Junior debut this weekend and moved up sixteen spots in the Final to finish twenty-first. Nolan Bauer (TonyKart) was twenty-sixth, while Mackenzie Clark (BirelART) did not finish.

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