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ROK CUP Florida Offers Free Entry to Championship Finale for FWT Competitors


ROK CUP Florida Offers Free Entry to Championship Finale for FWT Competitors

There’s been plenty of ROK Cup USA news circulating over the past week or so.

Recently, organizers sent out their plans for a 2017 schedule of events for the ROK Cup Florida, ROK Cup Midwest and ROK Cup National Finals. However, it was quickly scrutinized, especially the Florida race dates that added to already very busy winter schedule down south.

Taking action, the organizers announced they would look at the schedule and evaluate their options in a press release late last week. This morning, they delivered with some big news for those competing in Florida this winter.

Partnering up with the Maxspeed Entertainment Florida Winter Tour ROK Cup Championship, ROK Cup USA is offering free entry fee and a free set of tires for their ROK Cup Florida Championship Finale, held on April 7 to 9 in Orlando, to any driver that competes in all three Florida Winter Tour rounds.

The significance comes as the ROK Cup Florida championship finale will send their champions to the ROK Cup International Final in Italy, held at the famous South Garda Karting facility. Meaning drivers have two chances to qualify for the international event in a matter of months. And we all know how bad everyone wants to qualifying for a International competition these days.

And for Canadians looking to escape the cold this winter, Florida is really looking like a great place to be in early 2017!

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