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ROK CUP Canada Integrates with West Coast Kart Club

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ROK CUP Canada Integrates with West Coast Kart Club

ROK Cup Canada has it’s eyes set on a strong 2013 in BC after 2012 witnessed strong growth in the the newly added ROK GP category. The resurgent series added a new flavor in the form of a 32hp plus power plant which was just what was needed to create an exciting formula at Greg Moore raceway. This formula is attracting more racers for this upcoming season and there is even a buzz from past ROK Cup veterans who are looking to make a comeback to chase the opportunity to conquer another ride to the World Finals.

Traditionally the series has been a multi provincial series that travels from BC to Regina, however for 2013 ROK Cup Promoters at The Racelab have been working for several months on a new format that gives back to the racers rather than burdening them to compete for a chance at a world title. With countless discussions and plans being made the new format will be an inter-provincial program that will run at local karting tracks so that everyone regardless of budget can be a part of the ROK CUP and compete for a chance to race in Lonato,Italy at the famed South Garda karting which has been the testing ground of many greats including: Jarno Trulli, Lewis Hamilton, and of course strong Vortex supporter Michael Schumacher who is still known to make his way around the circuit aboard his Vortex powered kart.

“I have spent a lot of time in the past 18 months devising ways to grow karting and make it more attainable to racers and have had some success as of late and feel this is a positive step in the right direction, If a karter can come to a shop buy a ROK powered kart and drive an hour away and compete for a world final this accomplishes that and just makes sense. With many years on the Pro Tours I’ve seen how much money is spent on traveling, food, accommodations and of course double that when you bring a mechanic and that is tough to keep shelling out over and over again” commented Steve Rickman of the Racelab.

With the addition of the GP motor its no surprise as to why there is growth in this program as these karts are capable of performing at a high level similar to that of the KF2 karts in europe. The class is currently running on MG tires which are engineered at a high level offering optimal performance out of the chassis and allowing drivers to develop properly by forcing them to learn aggressive braking without sacrificing exit speed like what was once popular in BC during the ICA and Formula A reign.

The ROK Cup BC will see its program being run in conjunction with the West Coast Kart Club which operates at the Greg Moore Raceway in Chilliwack. More specifics will be released soon as the exact format is still being finalized however it will be based on the club points tally up until a certain race date. The Racelab is also considering in addition to the series a one day shootout race which will take part in conjunction with another race in Chilliwack to offer racers from other parts who may not have a GP class a chance to experience the ROK GP movement and a qualifying spot to the finals.

For more information on the ROK CUP Canada or to add a ROK CUP to your local race track contact the Racelab at 604 420 1160 or email Steve Rickman at

Content and Photo: ROK Cup

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