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RMCGF: Up and Down heat race results for Canada in Rotax Senior

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RMCGF: Up and Down heat race results for Canada in Rotax Senior

Day 2 of Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals heat race competition is now in the books. With two heats races complete in all categories today, we got to see the true strength of all the drivers. Qualifying can show speed, but the heat races remind us why we are all here.  Well there was no shortage of action today as Heats A vs B, C vs D, A vs C and B vs D really gave us a variety of results.  Some drivers wanted to prove their point with aggressive scare tactics, while others may have looked a bit more relaxed only wanting to score consistent conservative results that would not risk their heat race points tally to determine their pre final starting spot.

All three Canadians were in the C vs D heat race, and Team Canada was lead by Jesse Lazare. Staying up front with the extremely tight front pack, Lazare would find himself as high as fourth, and as low as eighth before finally crossing in sixth. Marco Di Leo and Bryce Choquer were right in the thick of the action, running together for most of the race before crossing in 16th and 18th.

For heat two, Marco DiLeo was on a mission in the A vs C round. Starting twenty-fourth, Di Leo was able to carve his way through the field, working his way all the way to eleventh.

In the final Rotax Senior heat race of the day, Jesse Lazare looked to continue his pressure on leaders, while Bryce Choquer was looking to improve from his morning result. Unfortunately for Choquer, his race would end on the first lap from an accident. Up front, Lazare once again put himself with the leaders, posting continuous quick times, crossing the finish line with his second sixth-place result of the day.

Tomorrow is the third and final heat race and Lazare is sitting very well in the current standings. Di Leo needs another good run to avoid the LCQ, while Choquer has his work cut out for him as he needs solid result to get a good starting position for the LCQ.

To view the full results and current standings, check out our Competitions page

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