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RMCGF: Official Chassis Manufacturer Breakdown

CKN Exclusive

RMCGF: Official Chassis Manufacturer Breakdown

Special Contribution to CKN from Kyle Herder

An annual tradition at the Rotax Max Challenge has been for each division to race on the exact same model of chassis, creating equal opportunity for every driver. Some brands have stuck with the Grand Finals for many years while a few others have bounced in and out. For 2014 in Valencia, Spain, there are no new brands competing as all four have been a part of the Rotax Grand Finals in the past.

CRG and Praga return for the second year in a row in the DD2 classes with Praga supporting Masters. Sodi has shifted their attention to the Junior Max category after supporting the Senior’s for the past three years. Finally Birel has returned to the Grand Finals after a one-year hiatus, supporting the Rotax Senior Max division.

Karting veteran Kyle Herder has graciously provided CKN with a breakdown of each chassis manufacturer.

Rotax Max Jr: Sodi – Sigma S3


The sleek looking Sodikarts will power the Rotax Juniors (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

French manufacturer Sodi Kart is back again for a fifth year running at this year’s Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Valencia, Spain. Events like this help Sodi Kart to continue to be the world’s largest kart manufacturer. When you see the details in their craftsmanship, you can easily tell the difference that Sodi is the lone French manufacturer in a sea of Italian made karts at this years Grand Finals.

The dark grey metallic painted 30mm frame with 1040mm wheelbase is laced with Tekneex branded components. Tekneex is Sodi Kart’s in-house component line. Sodi’s attention to detail is very noticeable with their beautifully done wire and cable management to keep the throttle cable and brake line from falling below the frame. Their clean little rear bumper hooks as a secondary safety measure to save the bumper from falling off and their super simple nylon chassis skid guard.

A few unique technical points:
– 3 stage rear ride height
– Front hubs sit on 25mm hollow front stub axles
– Simple Caster/Camber bushing on front stub axles
– 4 piston rear caliper with return springs to minimize drag with a beefy cast iron floating brake rotor
– The only manufacturer that delivered their karts with the Rotax battery mounting behind the drivers seat
– 2014 decal kit is incredibly clean and a definite standout
– KG bodywork

Rotax Max Sr: Birel – RY 30 S7


The final race for this Birel sticker kit as 2015 will see the rebranding BirelART look (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Since the original announcement of Birel being a chassis partner with the Grand Finals, Birel has grown in size as they have joined forces with French/Italian brand ART Grand Prix. Newly called BirelART, a combined 60+ years in karting makes BirelART a staple in international karting. Therefore being part of the RMCGF is a must Birel. This year marks Birel’s third year of being a Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals partner. Welcome back!

Something to be noted is that the Birel karts are still sporting their 2014 decals. Perhaps one last hurrah for the lone Birel name. This event takes months of preparation for the manufacturers, so sticking to the well known branding may have been the the smart choice for the Grand Finals

This year, Birel will support their 2014 updated red 30mm frame with a 1045mm wheel base and contrasting blue anodized Freeline stamped components. There is no shortage of adjustments on the Birel, while the factory offers a solid line of tuning parts.

A few unique technical points:
– The front stub axles are a hollow 25mm shaft and are fully removable from the new 2014 stub arm itself
– Two different ackerman adjustments on both the stub axle and steering column
– 2014 updated aluminum foot rest
– Black powder coated magnesium Freeline wheels in 130 and 210mm widths. Freeline’s wheels and hubs have a unique oversized mating surface that accommodates a 6 bolt pattern instead on the regular 3 bolt pattern to create a stiff connection
– 4 piston rear caliper with large floating rear brake disc
– Bodywork is a full Freeline setup, but they are known to use a KG nose and front nassau panel on their team race machines
– Cast aluminum pedals

Rotax DD2: CRG Dark Rider Evo 32


The CRG with a custom RMCGF Spanish sticker kit (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Nine years running, CRG is the longest supporter of the Rotax Max Challenge Gand Finals. CRG has continued to produce one of the most popular and quickest DD2 karts around. Finally after a near decade of supporting the Grand Finals, CRG decided to field a factory effort in this years Rotax EuroMax Championship and of course the team was able to nearly take the highest step on the championship podium. This Italian manufacturer certainly does fantastic job with their gearbox category karts.

CRG’s Evo 32 is a full 32mm frame with a adjustable 1050mm wheelbase. The adjustable wheelbase was tough task to complete in the DD2 category as there are many components to relocate with the lack of chain drive. This model was built from scratch to suit the DD2 category, while other manufacturers may take an existing models and converted them to fit the direct-drive drive train. Radiator mounts, a proper secondary seat strut for the engine side of the seat, clean exhaust mounting and a new ignition coil mounting debuting at the Grand Finals. We look forward to watching the big guns battle it out in the DD2 category on these beautiful CRG karts.

A few unique technical points:
– Sniper alignment system allows for independent caster & camber adjustment
– Magnesium wheel and brake hubs
– Black CRG branded magnesium wheels
– Two-stage ride height adjustable rear end with 5mm shim under the motor
– Adjustable wheelbase with offset bearing cassette. The exhaust brackets are adjustable to allow this.
– Sporting CRG’s own brand of bodywork, NewAge
– Grand Finals Spanish edition decals

Rotax DD2 Masters: Praga Dragon DD2


Canadian Francis Mondou with his Praga Dragon (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

The Czech Republic’s Praga brand, though Italian manufactured through IPK will be supporting the Grand Finals DD2 Masters category for a second year running. Praga made some strong headway this season at the Euro Max championship scoring a few solid podiums in both the Senior Max and DD2 categories. Proof of being a top notch machine.

This bold brand is difficult to miss with the Dragon DD2 model is based off Praga’s dual purposed single speed and 125cc gearbox model kart. It’s beautiful metallic blue paint 30/32mm frame contrasts dark gold anodized (jewellery like) IPK components. Unfortunately Praga has opted for the previous model of stickers for their karts this year after just recently releasing a fan favourite sticker kit for 2015.

A few unique technical points:
– Forged Stub axle mounts welded to the frame mean tight tolerances and incredible rigidity
– IPK components have a beautiful billet machined look with a dark gold anodizing
– Douglas Wheel 130 and 212mm Low Volume wheels.
– KG Bodywork

**IPK is also supporting the Micro-Max invitational with their OK1 karts.

The action in Valencia, Spain gets underway on Tuesday with the first day of practice for all four classes.

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