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RMCGF: Lithuania’s Rokas Baciuska Takes Pole In Junior Max; North American’s Struggle

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RMCGF: Lithuania’s Rokas Baciuska Takes Pole In Junior Max; North American’s Struggle

Lower temperatures on Wednesday’s qualification day had everyone dressed for the cold. Drivers spent the morning with two ten-minute practice sessions before the qualification rounds began after lunch. First up was the Junior Max category to kick off the official timed sessions for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Valencia, Spain.

Jockeying for space along with finding the right drafting partner was key to success on the Lucas Guererro circuit. Finding his way around the circuit with a remarkable time, Rokas Baciuska of Lithuania scored the pole-position and the all important P1 starting position for the heats. The top-four drivers all came from group two as Denis Mavlanov (Russia), Bryce Fullwood (Australia), Murilo Della Coletta (Brazil) followed with Mick Wishofer completing the top-five after holding the provisional pole in group 1.

It was a tough session for the North American drivers with most not gaining the results they hoped for. Sting Ray Robb was the quickest of them, with the American posting the 15th best time. Gianfranco Mazzaferro was the fastest Canadian in 29th, over a half-second off the pole-position time.

Drivers will now be divided into four groups for the heat races. The respective group for each driver is listed below.

North American Rotax Junior Qualifying Results:

15. Sting Ray Robb (USA) +0.354 – (C)
29. Gianfranco Mazzaferro (CAN) +0.584 – (A)
30. Ryan Norberg (USA) +0.586 – (B)
40. Christian Brooks (USA) +0.711 – (D)
50. Austin Versteeg (USA) +0.898 – (B)
51. Samuel Lupien (CAN) +0.899 (C)
54. Austin Garrison (USA) +0.920 (B)
57. Clay Van Eerd (CAN) +0.957 (A)

Click here for full unofficial results


Gianfranco Mazzaferro was the highest qualifying Canadian in Rotax Junior in 29th. ABOVE: Sting Ray Robb wound up 15th, the fastest North American. (Photos by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

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