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RMCGF Heat Races: Campbell Wins Two Heats on Thursday!


RMCGF Heat Races: Campbell Wins Two Heats on Thursday!

**Note: We are still awaiting the final results from the heat races in order to determine the rankings for the starting grids of tomorrows PreFinal races.

To clarify, two PreFinals will be run for Rotax Junior, Senior, DD2 and DD2 Masters, where as the drivers with odd number rankings (first, third, fifth, etc) will race in PreFinal 1 and the even numbers (second, fourth, sixth, etc) in PreFinal 2. From there, the top-17 finishers from each PreFinal will advance to Saturdays Grand Final races. In Micro-Max and Mini-Max all drivers will advance to the Grand Finals.

Thursday, October 20

Heat Race Round #3

Rotax Junior A vs D

It was another strong drive for MacDermid, battling for the lead then holding on for second in the closing laps. De Alba had a great start and rounded the first lap in the top-ten, only to crash midway and fall to the tail of the field.

1. Michael Rosina (ITA)
2. Ryan MacDermid (CAN)
3. Titus-Shanghai Schmidli (SUI)
4. Olli Caldwell (GBR)
5. Lukas Dunner (AUT)

27. Andres De Alba (CAN)

Rotax Junior B vs C

After leading the race on lap two, Lupien was hammered by a competitor a couple laps later and knocked from third down to seventh. Taskinen had his best heat race of the week.

1. Perdana Minang (POL)
2. Cody Brewcynski (AUS)
3. Johnathon Hoggard (GBR)
4. Hibiki Taira (JAP)
5. Axel Charpentier (GBR)

7. Samuel Lupien (CAN)
22. Matthew Taskinen (CAN)

Rotax Senior A vs D

Zachary Claman DeMelo showed the same form that earned him a podium in Spain 2014, driving all the way to third place with constant fast lap and great passes. It is unfortunately he starts the PreFinal so deep after bad results in his other two heats.

Di Leo was consistently in the top-ten but lost a pair of positions on the final lap while McCaughan had a rough start that hurt his chances on a second good run today.

1. Petr Bezel (CZE)
2. Adrien Reneaudin (FRA)
3. Zachary Claman DeMelo (CAN)
4. Berkey Besler (TUR)
5. Javier Gonzalez (MEX)

10. Marco Di Leo (CAN)
23. Coltin McCaughan (CAN)

Rotax Senior B vs C

A superb start for Mazzaferro was all for naught as he was forced to DNF after only a few laps. Ritter was enjoying a great race as well until contact pushed his down the order.

1. Denis Mavlanov (RUS)
2. Christopher Dreyspring (GER)
3. Nikolas Szabo (SVK)
4. Noah Roovers (BEL)
5. Glenn Van Parijs (BEL)

31. Kellen Ritter
35. Gianfranco Mazzaferro

Rotax DD2 Masters A vs D

Two heat wins for Scott Campbell as he continues to show great pace and driving tactics.

1. Scott Campbell (CAN)
2. Antti Ollikainen (FIN)
3. Robert Pesevski (AUT)
4. Tomokazu Kawase (JPN)
5. Michel Aboissa (BRA)

Rotax DD2 Masters B vs C

1. Fernando Guzzi (BRA)
2. Luis Schiavo (USA)
3. Dennis Kroes (NED)
4. Lee Mitchener (AUS)
5. Primoz Matelic (SVK)

Rotax DD2 A vs D

A massive melee at the start forced Kashak to the grass on the back straight of lap one, falling to 30th before the first lap was complete. A massive comeback followed as Kashak took advantage of some very aggressive racing in the final DD2 heat.

1. Ferenc Kancsar (HUN)
2. Pascal Marschall (BEL)
3. Kevin Leudi (SUI)
4. Kacper Bielecki (POL)
5. Christian Sorensen (DEN)

14. Tyler Kashak

Rotax DD2 B vs C

Smooth runnings for Signoretti earned him his first top-five in the heats as continues to impress. Kingsley posted the fastest lap of the race while he climbed up to twenty-first, one spot ahead of Bizzotto.

1. Cosimo Durante (ITA)
2. Luca Munaretto (RSA)
3. Josh Hart (NZL)
4. Constantin Schoell (AUT)
5. Marco Signoretti (CAN)

21. Jeffrey Kingsley (CAN)
22. Alessandro Bizzotto (CAN)

Heat Race Round #2

Rotax Junior A vs C

After rain on dampened the circuit overnight all classes were on rain tires to start the day in morning warm-up.

Rotax Junior was the first class to hit the track for the heat races all on rain tires, even as the sun began to come out.

After leading the way at the start, Ryan MacDermid faded back in the challenging conditions while Andres De Alba found trouble again on the opening lap.

1. Habiki Taira (JAP)
2. Jonathon Hoggard (GBR)
3. Georg Koss
4. Dylan Hollis (AUS)
5. Mathias Ramirez (USA)

12. Ryan MacDermid (CAN)
31. Andres De Alba (CAN)

Rotax Junior B vs D

As the track began to dry up, all but three drivers remained on rain tires for the second Junior heat race.

Samuel Lupien had a great start and was in a three-wide battle for the lead exiting corner two, however as the man in the middle he was squished and bounced up and over a kart, losing a few positions before regaining his momentum. It all went worse a few corners later as Lupien was hammered from behind and spun corner five. Recovering well after, he made it back to twentieth, losing a few spots on the final lap.

Matthew Taskinen found some trouble on the opening lap and trailed the field early, ultimately coming in 29th.

**Update: After many nosecone violation penalties, Taskinen jumped up nine spots to rank twentieth while Lupien was victim to a penalty and fell to twenty-fifth.

1. Mateusz Polka (POL)
2. Perdana Minang (AUS)
3. Titus-Shanghai Schmidli (SUI)
4. Konstantin Kochev (RUS)
5. Roope Ropanen (FIN)

20. Matthew Taskinen (CAN)
25. Samuel Lupien (CAN)

Rotax Senior A vs C

After seeing the Juniors make the transition, all of the Rotax Senior category switched back to their dry tires.

Zachary Claman DeMelo was collateral damage in the first corner ending up splashing through a large puddle just off the race surface, relegating him to the tail of the field. But he charged back forward, especially in the final two laps to finish seventeenth.

Both Gianfranco Mazzaferro and Kellen Ritter had great starts but fell victim of accidents at the end of the heat, losing out on top-20 finishes.

1. Noah Roovers (BEL)
2. Javier Gonzalez (MEX)
3. Christopher Dreyspring (GER)
4. Sergei Travnikov (RUS)
5. Cody Gillis (AUS)

17. Zachary Claman DeMelo (CAN)
26. Gianfranco Mazzaferro (CAN)
30. Kellen Ritter (CAN)

Rotax Senior B vs D

A lead pack of six emerged in the second Senior Max heat with Marco Di Leo staying put in the sixth position for the entire heat as the leaders ran a smart race. Just behind, Coltin McCaughan worked with a Finnish driver to break free from the melee behind and secure a solid eighth place run.

1. Felix Warge (BEL)
2. Glenn Van Perjis (BEL)
3. Denis Mavalnov (RUS)
4. Christos Saganas (GRE)
5. Adrien Reneadin (FRA)

6. Marco Di Leo (CAN)
8. Coltin McCaughan (CAN)

Rotax DD2 Masters A vs C

After a scary crash brought out the red flag at the start of the first DD2 Masters heat, a restart was needed. Grabbing the lead on the first lap, Scott Campbell put Canada out front. While he was pressured on the final lap, Campbell held on to win the heat.

1. Scott Campbell (CAN)
2. Nicholas Verheul (RSA)
3. Lee Mitchener (AUS)
4. Luis Schiavo (USA)
5. Robert Pesevski (AUT)

Rotax DD2 Masters B vs D

No Canadians in this one.


Rotax DD2 A vs C

Another solid drive by Marco Signoretti saw him finish sixth again, battling at the beginning with the top-five. Having to play catch up after the opening lap, Alessandro Bizzotto passed seven kart in the second half of the race to finish twenty-third.

1. Ferenc Kancsar (HUN)
2. Kevin Leudi (SUI)
3. Kasper Bielecki (POL)
4. Simas Joudvirsis (LTU)
5. Abdullah Al Rawahi (UAE)

6. Marco Signoretti (CAN)
23. Alessandro Bizzotto (CAN)

Rotax DD2 B vs D

Bad luck for our Canadian drivers in this heat as both Tyler Kashak and Jeffrey Kingsley recorded a DNF.

1. Christian Sorensen (DEN)
2. Martin Steinerts (AUT)
3. Cosimo Durante (ITA)
4. Adam Lindstrom (AUS)
5. Josh Hart (NZL)

29. Tyler Kashak (CAN)
34. Jeff Kingsley (CAN)

Rotax Micro-Max

1. Robert De Haan (NED)
2. Kris Haanan (NED)
3. Adrian Malheiro (ESP)
4. James Egozi (USA)
5. Santiago Vallve (HUN)

28. Anthony Sardellitti (CAN)

Rotax Mini-Max

1. Victor Bernier (FRA)
2. Jonny Edgar (GBR)
3. Arias Deukmedjian (USA)
4. Enzo Julie (FRA)
5. Rik Koen (NED)

11. Thomas Nepveu (CAN)

Wednesday October 19

Heat Race Round #1

Rotax Micro-Max

In his first big European race, Anthony Sardellitti drove very well en route to an eighteenth place finish, moving up from his starting spot.

1. Santiago Vallve (HUN)
2. James Egozi (CAN)
3. Kris Haanan (NED)
4. Robert De Haan (NED)
5. Marius Kristiansen (DEN)

18. Anthony Sardellitti (CAN)

Rotax Mini-Max

It was a challenging race for Thomas Nepveu who bounced around the entire race, running inside the top-ten at one point, but falling to twelfth on the final lap.

1. Victor Bernier (FRA)
2. Arias Deukmedjian (USA)
3. Jonny Edgar (GBR)
4. Mari Boya (ITA)
5. Luka Nurmi (FIN)

12. Thomas Nepveu (CAN)

Rotax Junior A vs B

Ryan MacDermid did a great job leading the way while being challenged each lap for the top position and falling as low as fourth at one point. However a great final two laps moved him back to the lead with Lupien taking advantage of the lead battle to leap from fourth to second on the final lap to make a Team Canada 1-2!

Trouble found Andres De Alba and Matthew Taskinen as De Alba was spun on lap one and hit very hard, resulting in the meatball flag while Taskinen crashed midway through the heat.

1. Ryan MacDermid (CAN)
2. Samuel Lupien (CAN)
3. Axel Charpantier (GBR)
4. Christian Filter (BRA)
5. Michael Rosina (ITA)

34. Matthew Taskinen (CAN)
35. Andres De Alba (CAN)

Rotax Junior C vs D

No Canadian drivers in this heat race.

1. Johnathan Hoggard (GBR)
2. Habiki Taira (JPN)
3. Titus-Shanghai Schmidli (SUI)
4. Cody Brewczynski (AUS)
5. Mateusz Polka (POL)

Rotax Senior A vs B

Zachary Claman DeMelo crashed out of this heat on the first lap in a large melee that claimed a four karts.

1. Mario Novak (AUT)
2. Robin Sario (FIN)
3. Cody Gillis (AUS)
4. Wiktor Mateus (POL)
5. Petr Bezel (CZE)

34. Zachary Claman DeMelo (CAN)

Rotax Senior C vs D

After a great start by Marco Di Leo saw him jump up to third, he had trouble keeping pace with the leaders, following down the order. Mazzaferro found numerous battles in the mid-pack while Ritter held in the twenties. Unfortunately for Coltin McCaughan he was unable to start after an extremely slow pace lap forced the officials to halt the race before it even started, to speak with the front row, and ultimately fouled his spark plug.

Update: Mazzaferro fell victim to a penalty for having his front bumper drop down, while Ritter benefitted from multiple bumper penalties to advance up six spots.

1. Christopher Dreyspring (GER)
2. Nikolas Szabo (SVK)
3. Noah Roovers (BEL)
4. Adrien Renaudin (FRA)
5. Berkay Besler (TUR)

7. Marco Di Leo (CAN)
21. Kellen Ritter (CAN)
27. Gianfranco Mazzaferro (CAN)
32. Coltin McCaughan (CAN)

Rotax DD2 Masters A vs B

Scott Campbell had a good start and ran second early but a very dicey race saw the 2010 Rotax Grand Finals champion fall to eighth at the finish line. Benefitting from a couple penalties, he was classified in sixth.

1. Fernando Guzzi (BRA)
2. Dennis Kroes (NED)
3. Ryan Urban (NZL)
4. Robert Pesevski (AUT)
5. Nicholas Verheul (RSA)

6. Scott Campbell (CAN)

Rotax DD2 Masters C vs D

No Canadian driver in this heat.

1. Luis Schiavo (USA)
2. Lee Mitchener (AUS)
3. Michel Aboissa (BRA)
4. Antti Ollikainan (FIN)
5. Rafael Moro (ARG)

Rotax DD2 A vs B

After a siezed engine ruined his qualifying run,  Jeff Kingsley found trouble on the opening lap and fell down to the tail of the field before recovering to finish 21st.

1. Ferenc Kancsár (HUN)
2. Cosimo Durante (ITA)
3. Josh Hart (NZL)
4. Kacper Bielecki (POL)
5. Kevin Leudi (SUI)

21. Jeff Kingsley (CAN)

Rotax DD2 C vs D

It was a great start for Marco Signoretti who managed the second position for a few laps. But once under pressure for the position he fell back into a heavy battle. Behind the leaders, it was mayhem all over the track on lap one, with Alessandro Bizzotto crashing hard into another driver and was forced to retire while Tyler Kashak was also involved in a crash and had to recover.

1. Christian Sorenson (DEN)
2. Constantin Shoell (AUT)
3. Harolds Garkaklis (RUS)
4. Fabienne Lenz (RSA)
5. Pascal Marschall (GER)

6. Marco Signoretti (CAN)
19. Tyler Kashak (CAN)
34. Alessandro Bizzotto (CAN)

We will be back online tomorrow with updates for the second and third round of heat races. Watch out Competitions section as well for race results.

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