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RMCGF: Belgium’s Dylan Lahaye P1 in Rotax Senior Qualifying; DeMelo Seventh

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RMCGF: Belgium’s Dylan Lahaye P1 in Rotax Senior Qualifying; DeMelo Seventh

Rotax Senior Max did not disappoint with excitement come Qualification. After the two ten minute morning practice sessions drivers were prepared for qualifying. New tires were mounted and the intensity built up as both groups began their respective sessions.

When the checkered flag flew to complete group two, it was Dylan Lahaye of Belgium who was able to come out on top running a time of 57.482. The Belgian was able to pull off the fastest time in his final lap. Second was captured by Spanish driver Carlos Gil, who was just +0.088 seconds from securing the fastest time. These two drivers were in a class of their own as they both qualified three tenths quicker than the rest of the field. Third was Portuguese driver Bruno Borlido and rounding out the top five was Nicolas Picot of France and Luca Travaglini of Brazil.

North America had some strong finishes in Max Senior. Zachary Claman DeMelo, who has been consistently near the top in practice, recorded a seventh place result. With DeMelo’s skill, it should not be long until he improves that position in the heats. An upset came when Dan Roeper of Team USA was excluded for agressive driving in qualification. The American was originally in twelfth position when the penalty was issued, excluding him from the results and forcing him to start his heat races from the tail of the grid. Also excluded from the results was American Ashley Rogero as her mechanic was found to be working on the kart in the pre-grid area which is a no-no at the Grand Finals. The officials here at the Grand Finals have shown the seriousness of the event.

Drivers will now be divided into four groups for the heat races. The respective group for each driver is listed below.

7. Zachary Claman-DeMelo (CAN) +0.406 (C)
22. Oliver Askew (USA) +0.615 (B)
27. Philip Arscott (USA) +0.669 (C)
33. Mason Marotta (USA) +0.749 (A)
45. Bryce Choquer (CAN) +0.887 (A)
47. Christophe Paquet (CAN) +0.916 (C)
58. Jake Craig (USA) +1.135 (B)
71. Dan Roeper (USA) DQ (C)
72. Ashely Rogero (USA) DQ (D)

Click here for full unofficial results


Ranking 22nd in Qualifying, Oliver Askew leads the American contingent in Spain. (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

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