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Registration is Officially Open for Event 1 @ Mosport


Registration is Officially Open for Event 1 @ Mosport

MRFKC has partnered with Hagerty Motorsport Reg for the 2022 season.

Press Release by: MRFKC/CTMP

Event registration is now open for the 2022 Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship (MRFKC) opening event at Mosport Karting Centre on May 14, 15. Competitors and teams will find that things have changed this year, in an attempt to make the registration process more streamlined and easy for the community. MRFKC will be using Motorsport Reg for registration for the 2022 season.

Motorsport Reg is widely used across many racing platforms including the regional racing body of Ontario, CASC. All competitors will need to create a profile on the website before they can register for MRFKC Event 1. This only takes minutes, and once you are set up registration for other events is very easy!

For minors, we recommend that both the competitor and the parent/guardian create accounts. Once that is done the competitor can transfer control to the parent/guardian to allow them to register for events. Take a look at this helpful page for more details on how that is done.

Waivers will be fully electronic this year. No waivers will be signed in person at the track. Make sure to opt-in for the Speedwaiver on your entry form! You will receive a text message with a direct link to the Speedwaiver to be signed and completed online. The waiver will also be posted on the registration page and in the event portal on the schedule page. Anyone receiving a wristband including drivers, mechanics, or otherwise will need to sign the Speedwaiver.

We also recommend you opt-in for MRFKC text messages and updates so you can get direct info on race day of any important notices, changes to the schedule, updates, etc.

We appreciate your patience as we implemented these new features and hope that this new process makes it easier than ever to compete at MRFKC! See you at the track!

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