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Recent decisions of the FIA World Motor Sport Council concerning Karting

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Recent decisions of the FIA World Motor Sport Council concerning Karting

At its meeting on September 28th, 2016 in Paris, France, the FIA World Motor Sport Council took the following decisions on the basis of proposals from the International Karting Commission.

The pyramid is now in place from Karting to Formula 1
The WMSC approved the one-year reduction of the minimum age of Drivers that can access non-gearbox classes. Drivers now have access to the junior categories in the year of their 12th birthday until the year of their 14th birthday year, as well as non-gearbox senior categories from the year of their 14th birthday. The adaptation of the regulations according to this decision, especially as regards the grade C licenses, will be available soon.

Taking into account the fact that for the past few years Drivers have been able to leave Karting for Formula 4 from the age of 15, this change offers them the opportunity for earlier learning in Competition Karting and to extend it for an additional year. This allows them to gain experience and to better prepare before they move into cars.

Reduction of the minimum weight in KZ
The WMSC approved a 5kg reduction in the minimum allowed weight in the KZ category from 175 to 170 kg, including the Driver.

New race format
The WMSC approved the deletion of the Prefinals and Second Chance Heats in the CIK-FIA Championships, Cups and Trophies. At the request of the Sporting Working Group of the CIK-FIA, the qualifying stages will now be limited to the Qualifying Heats, while the amount will be increased to maintain normal driving distances. This is to reduce the negative impact of a bad performance during this phase and give greater importance to the Finals themselves.

2017 Sporting Calendar
The WMSC approved the calendar of the CIK-FIA Championships, Cups and Trophies for the 2017 season, which is available at this link.

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