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Rain Doesn’t Dampen Qualifying for Pfaff Kartsport Cup at Goodwood

Logan Cusson

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Rain Doesn’t Dampen Qualifying for Pfaff Kartsport Cup at Goodwood

Rain, clouds, wind and cold. It wasn’t the nicest day at Goodwood Kartways for the first day of the Pfaff Kartsport Cup, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of those on hand.

After three rounds of practice in the morning, the day was capped off with Qualfying where all drivers got the chance to drive on a clear track for just two laps to set their fastest times. With wet track conditions forcing all drivers to use rain tires, we saw some surprises in the rankings that will surely mix things up with sunshine expected on Sunday.

And while there isn’t as many drivers at Goodwood as there was last weekend for the CRFKC, there are still 140 drivers hungry for victory and we can’t wait for Sunday’s two Finals.

Jon Treadwell

Top-5 Qualifying Results (unofficial)

Rok Mini

1. Ayden Ingratta
2. Frankie Esposito
3. Ethan Donkers
4. Cooper Simpson

Rok Junior

1. Dale Curran
2. Gianluca Savaglio
3. Mackenzie Clark
4. Marcello Paniccia
5. Gabriel Savoie

Rok Senior

1. Logan Cusson
2. Mark Davis
3. Chris Chanko
4. Ryan MacDermid
5. Kai Dalziel

Rok Shifter

1. Davide Grego
2. Dante Lerra
3. Xingran Tang
4. Zachary Shearer
5. Justin Luik

Rok Masters

1. Adrian Donkers
2. Dave LaPlante
3. Paolo Gomes
4. Joe Crupi
5. Peter Courteau

Briggs Cadet

1. Ayden Ingratta
2. Jordan Di Leo
3. Major Makovsis

Briggs Junior Lite

1. Callum Baxter
2. Jayden Elphage
3. Adam Ali
4. Myles Morgan
5. Nicholas Gilkes

Briggs Junior

1. Owyn Thomas
2. Maddox Heacock
3. Kelsey Hann
4. Zain Ikram
5. Aidan Bonham

Briggs Senior

1. Jon Treadwell
2. Alex Murphy
3. Jordan Prior
4. Marco Signoretti
5. Gavin Sanders

Briggs Master

1. Ross Sortino
2. Eli Yanko
3. Rich Folino
4. Anthony Castro
5. Corey Walsh

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