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Racing with Autism Completes 3393KM in Less Than 48 Hours!

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Racing with Autism Completes 3393KM in Less Than 48 Hours!

In 2017, Austin Riley will embark on a tour throughout the United Kingdom.

In anticipation of their next venture, the Riley and his Racing with Autism team just completed a monstrous 3393KM mission in less than 48 hours!

With plans to continue their travelling and spreading their information in schools and at race tracks around the world, Austin Riley and his group of supporters took to Goodwood Kartways with a Briggs & Stratton powered Intrepid kart, hoping to raise money and complete a near impossible task; cover the distance from the eastern tip of Canada to the western tip of the United Kingdom, a whopping 3393 kilometres. And they wanted to do it in less than two days.

Well, just over 47 hours after the mission began, the team was successful in completing their journey and they raised just under their goal of $5000 in the process.

The crew even had a visit by the Breakfast Television crew, who stopped by to update their viewers.

We amazingly we have just completed the UK 48 hour challenge!!! 3393km’s in a kart and we finished with just under an hour to spare. It is such an incredible feeling to think about we have just accomplished. A huge thank you to everyone that has donated to help the UK tour become a reality. Thanks Goodwood Kartways, Intrepid Canada and Briggs & Stratton Racing for making this crazy idea a reality. I am so proud of our team and how we didn’t give up yesterday when it seemed nothing would go right. I would also personally like to thank Brian Bettencourt for all of the help he provided us over the last few days. I need to thank also Austin’s friend Alexis who flew in from Manitoba to help us out and also my friend Rob Triano who landed a hand with the night shift last night. We couldn’t of made it without you. Now to get some much needed rest for these sore bones. Goodbye for now a very tired and proud Jason #racingwithautismUK2017 #raisingawareness #onelapatatime

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For those looking to donate and support the cause, you can still do so through the website. Just click the ‘Donate’ button.

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