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Quebec Cup: Steven Szigeti wins a red flag shortened Rotax Senior final

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Quebec Cup: Steven Szigeti wins a red flag shortened Rotax Senior final

In the Rotax Senior final, the inside row of Marco Di Leo (Intrepid North America/Intrepid), Andrew Palmer (J3 Competition/Kosmic) and Fritz Leesman (PSL Atlantic/CRG) were able to have a great start and drive into the top three positions as outside pole sitter Steven Szigeti (SH Karting/Tonykart) and Marc Andre Levesque (SH Karting/Tonykart) slotted behind in fouth and fifth.

On the fourth lap Palmer made a move on Di Leo in the first corner to take the lead. Next time by the stripe Szigeti made the move on Di Leo for second in the back hairpin. On lap six Szigeti made a move on Palmer for first in the same hairpin as he did to Di Leo. However, Palmer was able to get a run exiting the hairpin and took the lead in the following corner. This trend repeated for two laps until Szigeti made a move for good on Palmer in corner six, taking the lead for the rest of the race.

With Szigeti slowly pulling each lap the battle for second was heated with Palmer, Di Leo, Levesque, Kieran Oxley (REM/Birel), and Maxime Couturier (SH Karting/Tonykart) all running nose to tail which seemed to be a great set-up for the finish. Unfortunately a red flag on lap sixteen shortened the race. Szigeti scored the victory over Palmer, Levesque, Di leo and Oxley.

1. Steven Szigeti Tonykart 11:07.994
2. Andrew Palmer Kosmic +0.924
3. Marc-Andre Levesque Tonykart ++1.100
4. Marco Di leo Intrepid +1.321
5. Kieran Oxley Birel +1.498
6. Maxime Couturier Tonykart +1.750
7. Kevin Monteith Birel +1.905
8. Fritz Leesmann CRG +3.630
9. Max Preston Intrepid +4.399
10. Sasha Aleksic CRG +5.472
11. Michael Kundakcioglu Maranello +9.873
12. Hugo Parent Intrepid +10.073
13. Didier Carre Birel +13.937
14. Nathan Kelly CRG +14.499
15. David Martin Janiak Lotus Kart +16.556
16. Kenneth O’Keefe CRG +16.702
17. Johnny Flute CRG +18.317
18. Taylor Gates Birel +22.706
19. Alejandro Liverant Praga +33.415
20. Roland Voyer CRG +35.589
21. Aaron Kennedy CRG +3 laps
22. Maxime Bussiere Tonykart +7 laps
23. Jordan Kennedy CRG +15 laps
24. Luke Chudleigh Maranello DNS
25. Louis Philippe Jean Lynx Kart DNS

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