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Quebec Cup: Jesse Lazare dominates in Rotax Senior

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Quebec Cup: Jesse Lazare dominates in Rotax Senior

Twenty-six karts took to the ICAR Circuit today in the Rotax Senior class, and it was a thriller every time the group hit the track. However with all the excitement found throughout the field, there was one driver that stood out up front. Jesse Lazare (SH Karting/TonyKart) dominated the day’s action, sweeping the pole-position, pre-final and final.

Lazare led the field as the final was started, as his SH Karting teammate Marc-Andre Levesque (SH Karting/TonyKart) brought the outside line towards turn one. A bold move by Luke Chudleigh (Prime/Maranello) to the inside resulted in the him spinning around and facing the wrong direction as the remainder of the field piled into one. The incident would remove Steven Szigeti (SH Karting/TonyKart) and Alex Van Snick (PSL Atlantic/CRG).

As the first lap was complete, Lazare and Levesque were quickly able to break away, and although Marco Di Leo (Intrepid North America/Intrepid) looked to make a run at the lead two, it never happened.

Behind the front three, the battle for fourth was wild! Reid Arnold (Intrepid North America/Intrepid) and Bryson Schutte(Intrepid North America/Intrepid) were the first two to trade the spot. Then by the halfway point, Kevin Monteith (REM/Birel) and Fritz Leesman (PSL Atlantic/CRG) joined the duo after they both started at the rear. The quadrant bounced off each other, literally, with Monteith taking the spot as the checkered flag flew.

1. Jesse Lazare
2. Marc-Andre Levesque +2.951
3. Marco Di Leo +6.505
4. Kevin Monteith +11.688
5. Fritz Leesman +12.878
6. Reid Arnold +14.173
7. Bryson Schutte +14.482
8. Sasha Aleksic +18.865
9. Aaron Kennedy +18.418
10. Luke Chudleigh +18.951
11. Max Preston +22.347
12. Maxim Couturier +23.463
13. Chris Ernst +28.647
14. Mikel Pelletier +30.953
15. Didier Carre +33.229
16. Johnny Flute +36.917
17. Daniel Bujold +1 Lap
18. Maxim Bussieres +1 Lap
19. Nathan Kelly +6 Laps
20. Kieren Oxley +9 Laps
21. Jordan Kennedy +12 Laps
22. Arika White +13 Laps
23. Matthew Radaelli +17 Laps
24. Steven Szigeti +20 Laps
25. Alex Van Snick +20 Laps
26. Rui Texieira

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