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Quebec Cup: Jeffrey Kingsley deemed the winner in Rotax Junior

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Quebec Cup: Jeffrey Kingsley deemed the winner in Rotax Junior

With 32 Rotax Junior karts entered for today’s Quebec Cup race, everyone knew there would be mayhem. But for the most part, the Juniors played pretty clean, with only a few incidents recorded. A rare sight for the class

After another brilliant start by Santino Ferrucci (Energy Kart Canada/Energy), he was able to exit turn one as the leader after starting third, with Zachary Claman Demelo (ZCD/PSL Karting/CRG), Parker Thompson (SH Karting/TonyKart) and Samuel Fontaine (PSL Karting/CRG) all hounding the leader as they entered turn two.

Demelo was able to get by as the lap completed to take the lead and quickly break away, while Thompson, Ferrucci and Fontaine traded the second position. Eventually contact between the three would allow Jeffrey Kingsley (SRA Karting/Birel) to leap frog the group and begin his pursuit of the leader Demelo.

With the laps winding down, and Demelo’s lead also shrinking, the front two came upon a lap kart. Allowing Demelo by, the situation wasn’t the same for Kingsley as he was forced to move the slower kart out of the way, and would lose all the ground he worked so hard to gain. Taking the victory was Demelo, with Kingsley holding on to second and Fontaine crossing third after Ferrucci withdrew on the final lap with an expired engine.

However, post-race discussion would force the removal of Demelo for an incident that happened before the race had even began. This would hand Kingsley his first victory as a Rotax Junior, with Fontaine and Thompson completing the podium.

1. Jeffrey Kingsley
2. Samuel Fontaine +3.996
3. Parker Thompson +4.074
4. Tyler Kashak +7.481
5. Cameron Morrison +9.570
6. Nicolas Faure +9.656
7. Cedric Lupien +10.524
8. Kami Moreira-Laiberte +14.744
9. Jordan Slipicoff +19.376
10. Steve Coudray +20.333
11. Marco Signoretti +21.818
12. Nicholas Dore +25.229
13. Dylan Brady +29.777
14. Tyler Rushton +31.017
15. Tyler Brady +35.820
16. Alexandre Couturier +42.725
17. Santino Ferrucci +1 Lap
18. Chase Pelletier +1 Lap
19. Christophe Paquette +1 Lap
20. Felix Leclerc +1 Lap
21. William Gaudreau +5 Laps
22. Adam Martin +6 Laps
23. Charles Regimbale +10 Laps
24. Anthony Tolfa +13 Laps
25. Alexandre Lacroix +13 Laps
26. Tommy Lemaire-Ouellette +14 Laps
27. Tyler Ripani +18 Laps
28. Olivier Bedard +20 Laps
29. Trevor Rancier +20 Laps
30. Allan Moreau +20 Laps
31. Sarah Mckay +20 Laps
32. Zachary Claman Demelo

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