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Quebec Cup: Francis Mondou wins DD2 Masters Final

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Quebec Cup: Francis Mondou wins DD2 Masters Final

In the Rotax DD2 Masters, Francis Mondou (Intrepid) scored his first major karting victory of the season. Holding off a charging Luc Sauriol (PSL Karting/CRG), Mondou through his hands in the air as he crossed the finish line, celebrating a victory that he has been chasing for years.

Behind, Dany St-Hilaire (Intrepid), Michel Legrand (CRG) and Thierry St. Orge (CRG) completed the top-five.

1. Francis Mondou Intrepid 15:58.425
2. Luc Sauriol CRG +0.470
3. Dany St. Hilaire Intrepid +1.644
4. Michael Legrand CRG +12.325
5. Thierry St. Onge CRG +12.472
6. Guy Savard Kosmic +13.337
7. Martin Janson CRG +24.699
8. Gerard Daniel CRG +36.321
9. Marc-Andre Bourgeois CRG DNF
10. Paolo Cescutti Tecno DNF
11. Enrico Bolduc CRG DNF
12. John Cariati Intrepid DNS
13. Stuart Clark Maranello DNS

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