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Quebec Cup: Flag to Flag win for Ben Cooper in Rotax DD2

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Quebec Cup: Flag to Flag win for Ben Cooper in Rotax DD2

Saving the best for last was the easiest way to describe the final race of the day. Multiple world champions, Canadian Champions, plenty of multi-time Rotax Grand Finals qualifiers, and a little international flavour was all found of the grid of the Rotax DD2 class.

Leading the way was Englands Ben Cooper (SRA Karting/Birel), as the field rolled into turn one. A rough start for the outside line saw Nicholas Latifi (Ferrolati Corse/CRG), and the Ouellette brothers of Hugo and Pier-Luc (PSL Karting/CRG) fall deep down the order as the group exited the corner.

Cooper headed a train of six karts as Christophe Boisclair (SRA Karting/Birel), Zacharie Robichon (SRA Karting/Birel), Jesse Lazare (SH Karting/TonyKart), Latifi and Pier-Luc all had their sights on the leader. That is until contact between Robichon and Pier-Luc forced Robichon into the tire barrier on lap four. This mixed things up as Cooper and Boisclair broke away, while Latifi held the third spot ahead of Lazare and PLO. From there, the dust settled, and aside from a last lap battle between Latifi and PLO, Cooper went uncontested to the win ahead of Boisclair. Latifi held on for third, with Pier-Luc crossing fourth and Lazare fifth.

However, Pier-Luc Ouellette was removed from the results following the race for cutting the track, allowing his brother Hugo to jump into the top-five.

1. Ben Cooper
2. Christophe Boisclair +0.804
3. Nicholas Latifi +5.065
4. Jesse Lazare +6.461
5. Hugo Ouellette +12.151
6. Brendan Bain +17.961
7. Alessandro Bizzotto +18.379
8. Daniel Burkett +19.301
9. Corey Walsh +31.699
10. Maxime Ricard +34.672
11. Stefan Yasin +3 Laps
12. Sameul Drouin +10 Laps
13. Tyler McEwan +13 Laps
14. Zachary Robichon +17 Laps
15. Dominic Legrand +17 Laps
16. Fred Woodley +19 Laps
17. Enrico Menotti +19 Laps
18. Pier-Luc Ouellette DQ
19. Alan Rudolph DQ

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