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Quebec Cup: Flag to Flag victory for Ben Cooper in Rotax DD2 Final

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Quebec Cup: Flag to Flag victory for Ben Cooper in Rotax DD2 Final

Ben Cooper (SRA Karting/Birel) was able to take a flag to flag victory in the DD2 final over ECKC championship rival Pier Luc Ouellette (PSL Karting/ CRG). Cooper was able to gap the field in the early stages of the race and controlling a gap to Ouellette and the rest of the field.

Midway through the race contact between Zacharie Richard Robichon (SRA Karting/Birel) and Hugo Ouellette (PSL Karting/ CRG) caused both drivers to retire from the top-five, allowing Chirstophe Boisclair (SRA Karting/Birel) and Curtis Fox (SH Ontario/ Tonykart) move up to third and fourth in the final. Fred Woodley (Prime/Maranello) managed to out race most of the drivers in the mid pack to finish fifth in the final.

1. Ben Cooper Birel 15:58.425
2. Pier Luc Ouellette CRG +0.358
3. Christophe Boisclair Birel +5.582
4. Curtis Fox Tonykart +11.432
5. Fred Woodley Maranello +16.491
6. Daniel Burkett LH +16.829
7. Alessandro Bizzotto CRG +17.154
8. Stuart Clark Maranello +17.463
9. Enrico Menotti Intrepid +21.293
10. Corey Walsh CRG +25.089
11. Laurent Boisvin CRG +27.897
12. Nicholas Latifi CRG DNF
13. Zacharie Richard Robichon Birel DNF
14. Hugo Ouellette CRG DNF
15. Dominic Legrand CRG DNF
16. Brendon Bain Maranello DNF
17. Maxime Ricard CRG DNF
18. Stefan Yasin Birel DNF

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