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Quebec Cup: Another Flag to Flag victory for Zachary Claman Demelo

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Quebec Cup: Another Flag to Flag victory for Zachary Claman Demelo

It appears this season that Zachary Claman Demelo (ZCD/PSL/CRG) is simply running away with every race he attends in Canada.

In today’s Quebec Cup race at the beautiful Le Monaco de Trois Rivieres street circuit, ZCD once again swept the days action, qualifying on the pole-position, winning the pre-final and leading every lap in the final to score a convincing victory.

Early on, it appeared that Tommy Lamaire-Ouellet (SH Karting/TonyKart) could keep up with Demelo, with off-polesitter Tyler Kashak (Intrepid North America/Intrepid) also keeping tabs on the leader. However, as the laps wound down, and the front three became stretched out, Demelo drove off into the distance to victory.

Fourth place went to Samuel Fontaine (PSL Karting/CRG) as he made a late charge, with Christophe Paquet (CRG) taking fifth.

1. Zachery Claman Demlo CRG 15:11.130
2. Tommy Lemaire Ouellet Tonykart +1.743
3. Tyler Kashak Intrepid +3.599
4. Samuel Fontaine CRG +10.117
5. Christophe Paquet CRG +10.256
6. Tyler Ripani LH +11.177
7. Jeffrey Kingsley Birel +11.508
8. Parker Thompson Tonykart +11.848
9. Nicolas Dore Birel +12.111
10. Nicholas Faure Tonykart +12.197
11. Frank Arnott Tonykart +13.657
12. Olivier Bedard Birel +15.556
13. Matthew Peraulto Birel +17.237
14. Gavin Reichelt Tonykart +19.754
15. Taegan Poles Tonykart +21.585
16. Marco Signoretti Intrepid +22.983
17. Gustavo Bandeira CRG +23.234
18. Aidan Landaner Birel +24.656
19. Matthew Lombardo CRG +25.127
20. Richard Schumacher Tonykart +25.283
21. Sarah Mackay CRG +27.634
22. Anthony Tolfa Maranello +28.147
23. Adam Martin Maranello +28.764
24. Steve Coudray Tonykart +37.260
25. Alexandre Lacroix Tonykart DNF
26. Dylan Brady GP DNF
27. Tyler Brady GP DNF
28. Cedrik Lupien DNF
29. Alexandre Couturier Tonykart DNF
30 Mitchel Halsey DNF

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